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An adult sim geared for a mostly gay male enjoyment. The setting is medival and slightly over the top. If you're interested in NPCs, have a visit. Due to the numbers of NPCs and the density of content, teleports to PortVesper can be difficult and the loading time can be taxing. Additionally, some of the NPCs are 'very friendly'. Absolutely no child nor minor avatars allowed.

If you're a guy looking for some leather for your wardrobe, Port Vesper has a selection. After you arrive just teleport to the NPC: LeatherMan Vesper.

Mistressdalgato: yay a good place to actually get some leather for guys 9 months ago
An older revamped build: VesperSkyIsland02. Establish a view with this beast. Just teleport to PortVesper and then touch the "VesperHomes" sign in front of you to teleport to the homes. Then touch the TP sign for the SkyIsland02. And a reminder, Port Vesper is an adult sim and child/minor avatars are not allowed.
A new build, VesperSkyIsland01 is now available. Once you teleport to PortVesper, touch the "VesperHomes" sign in front of you to TP to the homes. Then touch the TP sign for the SkyIsland. And a reminder, Port Vesper is an adult sim and child/minor avatars are not allowed.
In addition to a selection of homes and other builds, there is a selection of lighting and furniture available in Port Vesper. When arriving just touch the "Vesper Homes" sign on the wall. Port Vesper is an adult sim. Child and minor avatars are forbidden.
Some of the builds of Port Vesper are now available. This includes houses, furniture, and lighting. When first arriving at Port Vesper you will see a teleport button on the wall that will take you to the selection. Visitors are advised that Port Vesper is very much an adult region and child and minor avatars are not allowed.

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Spax Orion NPCs galore! This region has the most comprehensive NPC scripting I have ever seen. It is like VISITING a MOVIE. Say things mentioned in [brackets] and you may be in for a surprise! OSSL at it's finest!
Freya Very friendly owner, he showed me and my partner (Both female) around the region and had a nice conversation, you can see just how much work he has put into his region over the years, and the way he makes the NPCs interact and talk to each other was really clever and some of the items in his store w...
Tainted Angel Beautiful world. Love it all!! Thank you for sharing with all of us. You're a great person and I'm glad to have talked with you!!!! Keep up the great and amazing work.

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it's huge .... look around
So much to see and do here! Check it out!
The most amazing place I ever visited ! Grey created a must to visit and have fun.
Grey always likes his NPCs, but their interactions can be very entertaining!