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visit ZZ's Shop, to pick up many of my creations. Or, immerse yourself in the ambience of ZweetZ: explore, dance, swim, canoe,speedboat, sit at the beach watching the waves..
I work with Blender, DAZ 3D, Sculptris, MeshLab, Avastar2, L3DT Pro, Gimp, Crazy Bump, PhotoZoom Pro, Image Mender, PowerPoint,DDS-Converter etc

Sounds created with Magix AudioCleaningLab
Gif anims made with DP Animation Maker/Gifsplitter

Just landed! the Crane family:)

New Items in ZZ-Shop;
The marble column can be changed, there's a box with 20+ textures
The windvane responds to changes of wind; script must be set active
Enjoy! :)

looks deceptiful simple, but texturing it pinpoint was daunting..this is my final for ZZ !

Zoe: Amazing work. Again the high quality of all the wonderful details of your works. Congrats Peter. 8 months ago

New month, new items in ZZHOP!

Curves? Someone mentioned, curves? I couldnt resist:)

Ready for export.....

Jupiter Rowland: Doesn't make you want to nope away like some of Arcadia's or Vbinnia's barrels. 9 months ago
What I always kept missing, was a good dark shade of an upcoming wave.
so, time for a game changer. Made it a double,one in blending alpha, second on masking and dark....oh well, u gotta see em!
After 14 years of trying, I'm finally happy with this one:)
Think I'm gonna throw em in ZZHOP on the next Expo round.

Fun With Curves! I wanted a nice looking rope at the end of the dock,and,of course, bollards. The pelican is on the animesh drawingboard:)

Created a new nice spot, on ZZhop Island, with waves...well, u need see em yourself
Perfect spot to relax and let my mind wander.
can u spot the mermaid on the rocks?:)

OVERHAUL of ZweetZ' shop is done;lights, main floor now glass with big hole,stairs going down to basement, where I will line up all the statues; I started to make mesh game characters, beauties, samples are already there. Lemme know what u think! ? :)

Overhauled ZZHOP-Island, at midnnight
; I just loooove gold:)

MorningGlory: so fabulous 😍 10 months ago

New month, new Items in the ZZhop.
Including my 2 best Carnivorous,made with Sculptris.
Have fun, Peter

New in ZZ's shop, my Aurora Borealis.
See if u like it!

Destiny257Seranade: Love,Love,Love your place! SO much to see and the owner is such a sweet guy! Ty for the cool gifts! 11 months ago

Sunday @ noon, Forest Azure will sing live in ZweetZ!
At landing point u find teleporter to the hotspot:)

Decided to bring back an older feature....the speedboat.
No racetrack,yet, but its fun to go blazing fast through all 81 sims:)

Second batch of items added, including ornaments, statues, and, special offer:
Your name (or sim-name) converted to mesh .
Send a notecard or IM to amsterdam with details.
You see an example rotating in the shop!
For all of you who asked a copy of my creations, good news:
ZweetZ has now a shop setup in the Bahai Lotus Theatre!
I'll be adding more items regularly. Teleporter is at Landing Point.
Lemme know what u think?
Enjoy!☺ Peter

PinDeluca: Thank you for sharing your creations Peter. I really enjoyed looking around. I am interested you see what you make next ! 1 years ago

*ribbit ribbit*
he'll be jumping and diving!:)

A new boss in town

fresh 360

New! Perching macaw with folding wings

A new champ....roaming dragon
(oh, and. another sitting in the crystal cave,on a nest:) )

my "pièce de résistance ", so far: animated peacock with unfolding tail!

Peter: lol, thanks sweety! damm, thats been ages we had a chat:)) 2 years ago

Alltime fav of mine, the otter
a new animesh family, or, at least a start♫

Next....: Ma Unichorn....with baby, of course ;)

Updated Avi-eater, with goggling eyes

Justyn Tyme: Is he/she up for grabs? 2 years ago

A new star....with a baby:)


Apollo_Star: That looks Awesome ! 2 years ago

Or.....stars, maybe?

Irusu Hikikomori: Beautiful picture, very creative! 2 years ago

Upgraded sky with EEP, new clouds,rainbow,planets,milkyway

sharanncousine: greetings peter 2 years ago


Preparations done:moms and cub, and their den under the tree. Soon I'll have her and 4 or 5 kids animated

Thought I'd add some light:)

Ballroom now bumped and shiny

this might be my final Aurora Borealis.....after a decade of fiddling:)
It looks kinda vague on the pic....u need see it in action inworld, see my Picks

Mr. ZweetZ....he was my first animal, I bought in SL,2007:)
Now my own critter and animated! This is a stationary version , Mrs. ZweetZ will be following shortly...I hope

my favorite spot..

demzel chat

Swananimated! him diving, her looking at her offspring:)

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Bebe Magnificent, breath taken place you must go and enjoy each second
LoriFairy As soon as you arrive in Zweet ZurroundingZ you know you've found something different. You'll be drawn down a path that leads past waterfalls so real you can feel the mist. As you stroll along under a canopy of tree tops and jungle roots hanging from the air, you'll encounter tree high ferns adorned...
Thirza Ember Hands down the best landscape region in osgrid.

Region Comments

It is peace and joy and love for the soul. Thank you for creating! It was my first region I was taken to in Osgrid. It made me leave SL and stay here where dreams are made.
Its a lovely place to visit and very beautiful. Peter is very welcoming and never to busy to help. Its a pleasure to visit.
This a beautiful region. I gave it a 5 star. Will add more stars if I’m allowed.
It is a beautiful region
interesting place, beautiful, with a spectacular atmosphere. Items for sale totally different from those you can find in other sims. And what about Peter? Friendly, attentive, and always willing to help and support visitors. He is adorable
Very Beautiful region. Thank you Peter for making this peacefull place with the shop. Great work. Love to see more here in the future. Great Owner...
Very peacefull land, just like a nice dream !