Zweet ZurroundingZ

Zweet ZurroundingZ
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Started in 2007 in SL, migrated to Opensim in 2011, now a 36-sim VAR region.

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Spiritdove58 17 days ago
lots of wonderful design..
13535 3 months ago
:) Must turn your advanced light settings :) Ty for the tip Amsterdam Bingyi :) Truly a remarkable place!!
LouCypher 8 months ago
Nice place for the eyes...
monik 1 years ago
beautiful site
KrypticKayos 1 years ago
Very vast region with lots of space to explore. Very creatively decorated and the nicest greeter. :)
TyphaineArtez 1 years ago
So great scenery, and with a really creative talent. I felt in peace under the giant trees :)
oztrout 1 years ago
Ummmmm i got lost in there for days ... wow great place, love it ...
Next time i'm going to bring a backpack an sleeping bag ...
kzastud 2 years ago
ZweetZ is one of the most beautiful regions I have seen in Opensim and definitely my favorite place to visit.
sweetfacegood 2 years ago
wonderful place , a must to visit and a wonderful Host :) scenery is amazing !!
KayT 2 years ago
High level of detail in each element, a number of hidden spots, beautiful scenery - a truly magical place!
True_Skies 2 years ago
~Wonderful~ 10 years talent really shows in this amazing build.
oopsee 2 years ago
WoW, a must visit ... scenery is a photographers heaven !!
Cataplexia 2 years ago
An amazing region- in fact I will go so far as to say the best landscaping and texturing I have seen in the virtual world- and i thought i had seen it all! I did an amazing photo shoot there and will be back for several more! Please do visit and when you do- pack a lunch, you may never want to leave!
EveMagic 2 years ago
I love this place.
Elbereth 2 years ago
Breathtaking region!
Thirza 2 years ago
I love this place, it's so beautiful. I have a photo of the landscape as my screen saver.

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As soon as you arrive in Zweet ZurroundingZ you know you've found something different. You'll be drawn down a path that leads past waterfalls so real you can feel the mist. As you stroll along under a canopy of tree tops and jungle roots hanging from the air, you'll encounter tree high ferns adorned...
Amaizing place! I never see something so beautiful!
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