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keywords: light lamp lightning comet streetlamp sci fi hi tech vessels space xmas chritsmas neon sign club party dance ball xploder animesh avatar sound soundbox ambiance urban nature farm

ABBA-SLIMERS NPCs (*) singing a funny HAPPY NEW YEAR song for ur SIM. Available for FREE and FULL PERM at XMAS AREA.
(*) It`s not a new release but removed the old year it had before so it says only "Happy New Year" thus can be used for other forthcoming years as well.

CyberGlo CyberStar: It was even funnier, when I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the slimers, as i kept deleting and re-rezzing it, producing more and more slimers running around. LOL LOL LOL. 4 months ago
*** TRON BIKES PACK NEW RELEASE *** Functional vehicles with amazing particles effect, like seen on movie // 12 Variations of colors available! All for FREE and FULL PERM. Available at TP AREA (STORE 1). Enjoy :)

Lone Wolf: Drove round the race track at wolf territories, very smooth! Great job mate. 6 months ago
MAGICAL JELLY FISH (*) on mesh for your underwater regions or even parties with blinking lights and rotation (**) Available for FREE and FULL PERM at BOX 04 (XMAS AREA). Enjoy :)
(*) Jelly fish looks different than the one exposed here -as its trully difficult to make a decent an alpha pic with almost transparent objects....
(**) Available also model without rotation and particles, if needed.

Jimmy Olsen: U can see them in action in this short video: 7 months ago
- Different choices on colors! Very handy for power towers, airplanes or even for your venue!
- Really low lag! Not using a laggy blinking script that one can`t see in far away distances, instead - it`s using an animated texture!
PS. Textures and script (if needed) are also available!
PS1 - Teleport to DISCO sector to grab a FREE and FULLPERM copy!

Enjoy :)

Suzi_Avonside: For the confused, like I was, it's the Disco section! 1 years ago

***ALFHEIM CAMPFIRE *** 02 prims only! Scripted to 08 avies max! Winter textures included! All for FREE and FULL PERM at CAMPIRE store (Box 06 or click the teleporter). Enjoy :)

Hugabug: I fell in love with a few items here :) Thanks Jimmy 1 years ago
MAGIC MESH TREE with animated colors texture.. ** ARCHED VERSIONS NOW INCLUDED - Up to 08 arch trees into 1 single prim *** Available for FREE and FULL at STORE 04 (X-mas store - look for a vendor with this same texture). Enjoy :)

SheaButter: VERY high in Vertices tho. Although very beautiful! 1 years ago
****EEP SKIES HUD V2 UPDATED RELEASE **** You can now change your EEP sky (*) in your SIM with serveral nice seasonal day cycled options by a simple touch in a HUD! You just need add it to your avatar! Super easy! Nice for those who has zero skills on EEP settings or... just lazy!
Pretend you want play ur SIM as New York city RL so grab the correct HUD for it (and You will experience the same Sun position /angle, sunrise/sunset (approximated values) there! Like on RL. And many options of skies for clear day/nights, foggy, cloudy and rainy!

Available for FREE and FULL PERM at the newest BOX 08 or click teleporter and choose EEP as destination.

(*) Check to your grid manager if EEP sky is enabled;
(*) You must be SIM owner to make it work.
(*) Special thanks for Clifford (AMV Grid owner) who built this script and allowed me to share to Opensim community).
(*) Make sure ur Firestorm viewer is properly set to see EEP skies:
MENU > WORLD > ENVIRONMENT > "Used shared environment" must be selected.

Jimmy Olsen: ** EEP HUD V2 updated *** April 21th 2022 - Just fixed the SUMMER skies for LATITUDE 70 NORTH only. The others ones remain ok, if you don`t use it, update is not necessary. Thx (and sorry for the ofte... 2 years ago

LIGHT MUSEUM opening! All FREE and FULL PERM for LAMPs, STREET LAMPS and LIGHT related..
In STORE 05 u will find: Neon signs. Enjoy :)

Oubliet: TY! 2 years ago

*SANTAS NPCs with animation and music - Duet Piano & Cello * for ur xmas decoration! Available for FREE and FULLPERM at LIGHT n SOUND MUSEUM at XMAS sector.. Enjoy :)

EEP SKIES FULL COLLECTION (*) Available for FREE and FULLPERM at LAMP AREA (TP main area) for who enjoy playing with different skies!

1- Imported all old Windlight Sky set from Firestorm and changed to EEP;
2- Added also timezoned EEP for all seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), between seasons (Spring/Summer, Summer/Autumn etc) and for each season or between seasons, all kind of days (clear, cloudy, rainy or foggy) , all ready to use!
3- Some nice textures for moon, Sun and Water included for those who like to customize the skies and give an extra touch on SIM.

(*) Make sure your grid is EEP enabled and using the latest Firestorm - unsure how and if it works on others viewers though).

Enjoy :)
6 KINDS OF ONE PRIM MODELS OF STREETLAMPS ** All for FREE and FULLPERM at STORE 02 (STREETLAMPS SECTOR) ** Use only one single script (*)!!

(*) if its at same SIM and when streetlamps are linked / script goes to the last streetlamp selected (root prim) // Enjoy :)

LIGHT MUSEUM opening! All FREE and FULL PERM for LAMPs, STREET LAMPS and LIGHT related..
In STORE 01 u will find: Lamps decor stuffs. Enjoy :)

LIGHT MUSEUM is now known as LIGHT and SOUND MUSEUM *** Available for FREE and FULL PERM (store number 07), SOUND BOXES (environment sounds) for ur sim/place:
Choose different environements such as:

NATURE SOUNDS: Boreal Forest, Australian Outback, Pine Forest, Desert,Rain Forest, Swamp, Beach, River, Waterfall, Rain, Thunderstorm, Wind, Tornado, Underwater, Whales & Dolphins ,Volcano Eruption, Earthquake, Wet Water Cave and African Savannah.

URBAN SOUNDS: Bar, Harbor, Amusement Park (Machinery, Merry go round, Haunted Mansion and Zombies), Construction,Subway, Factory, Military Base, City Traffic, Airport, Stadium, Garden Party, French Cafe, Irish Pub, Buddhist Temple, Bazaar (Oriental Market), Mosque, Chinese Market, Cooking, Office, Volleyball, Hospital, Night Club ,City Battle WW2, Swimming Pool, Traffic Jam, Gregorian Chant, Grocery, Police Department, Coffee Shop, Mantra OM and Hockey.

FARM SOUNDS: Farm Ambiance, Ducks, Cattle Yard, Turkeys, Backyard Geese, Horse Stable, Goats, Pigs, Fire (Campire and fireplace) and even an Old West Saloon Ambiance.

BIRDS SOUNDS: Amazon Parrots, Black Capped Chickadees, Budgies, Cockatiels, Crows, Eagles, Nightingales, Northern Cardinals, Owl, Pigeons, Robins and Thrushes.

MEDIEVAL and FANTASY SOUNDS: Medieval Tavern, Space Station, STARWARS (Cantina, Duel of Fates, Imperial March), Yggdrasil Viking, Cosmic Melody, Enchanted Forest, Dinosaurs Jungle and Spiders Cave.

P.S. When boxes are rezed for the 1st time it might happen the sounds break a little bit. Normal at Opensim when more than 1 wav file is played. But after loop is completed ,sounds will go smooth :)

LIGHT MUSEUM opening! All FREE and FULL PERM for LAMPs, STREET LAMPS and LIGHT related..
In STORE 04 u will find: X-mas stuffs. Enjoy :)

LIGHT MUSEUM opening! All FREE and FULL PERM for LAMPs, STREET LAMPS and LIGHT related..
In STORE 03 u will find:Party stuffs. Enjoy :)

LIGHT MUSEUM opening! All FREE and FULL PERM for LAMPs, STREET LAMPS and LIGHT related..
In STORE 02 u will find: Streetlamps stuffs. Enjoy :)

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Xenon Darrow Another ridiculously amazing place and series of products provided by the illustrious, generous, and megatalented Jimmy Olsen! I have used many of these things for interesting and odd projects! I plan on utilizing this far more in the near future for rl projects for a university of architecture and ...
Uriah_Devereux WOW! Amazing place! SUPER AWESOME ASSORTMENT! A must!
IndigoQueen King Jimmy Olsen!!!!! Your place is amazing!! I came for the tron vehicle and stayed for everything that I didn't realize I needed. LOL I absolutely loved riding your train/tram not sure what you call it but what a smooth, delicious fun ride!! Thank you so much!!! The light museum is freaking awesome!! A...

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So happy to have EEP settings back, thank you so much Jimmy.
Leaving here with a big smile.Congratulations for your work here and thank you so much for so many great items offered ;)
Glad u liked it, Ayde :)
I loved!!. there are all kinds of lighting, great
thxm victoria :)
The best shopping experience. 10 stars. Love your work Jimmy.
Glad u liked it, Shea :)
The ultimate sim for lights and sounds indeed. Absolutely the best. Easy to access.
thx :) sorry, jsut now read ur message
Great collection of sounds, and a very well created futuristic area, a must see!. Thanks for sharing!
Great job Jimmy. Jimmy is a genius and all of his products are awesome.
Thx NEne. just saw ur message.. not been online lately