Grid: Alternate Metaverse

Homestead Riverville
4 Users 3 1 22nd
Private starter houses for new members of Alternate Metaverse Grid who do not own land. Map us alternatemetaverse,com:8002:Homestead Riverville
AMV Welcome
1 Users 39 0 69th
Welcome Area, Lounge & Starting Point for Alternate Metaverse Grid. A warm friendly Adult grid with open waters and Air, Copy your own OAR from website, low cos...

0 Users | 8 likes 5 comments

Captiva is a multi-purpose region in Aviworlds. FREEBIES! Entertainment found at Jaxx's Club, Club 77,Club Caribe, Darcey's, and our country western venue. Many shops for vendors FREE!! Ice skating, beaches,and exquisite Ballroom, Haunted Castle, Treasure chest with freebies Find Them! Use our easy...

1 Users 2 0 274th
A place for singers and musicians, Also an area to spend time with friends and loved ones! Gaming area, sailing, horse riding, fire-camp, fishing....
Far and Away
1 Users 4 0 337th
Beautiful Scenery and The Far and Away Club playing Rock and Blues. One of the newest regions on the grid filled with friendly people.
AMV Birthday
0 Users 5 0 37th
AMV3B - Alternate Metaverse Grid Celebrates 3 Years! Another year has passed in our happy home at Alternate Metaverse Grid and we continue to grow and flouri...
Funsize Dinkies
0 Users 13 4 53rd
(Dinkies Only Region) "Funsize Dinkies World Resort" for all Dinkies on Opensim. To kick back and enjoy a Wonderful World of a Dinkies Lifestyle, Dinkies Retrea...
0 Users 43 3 106th
A sim wide mall with all kind of things. seasons (valentiensday, halloween, xmas and more, furniture, clothing, houses and other things. Im still working on it...
0 Users 15 2 108th
Softly is a tribute to love in its many forms, INCLUDING Poetry and sweet Irish Pubs! Home of The Quiet Man Pub, Bedlem Boys Tavern, The Live Poets Society & AM...
Club Escotia
0 Users 35 2 119th
An entertainment venue fit for The King! Created for and featuring the singing talents of Clan Escotia, the sensational Scotsman who will amaze you with his ran...
Christmas Town
0 Users 9 0 131st
All I want for Christmas is at Christmas Town! All free! Alternate Metaverse Grid Map Us Town
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