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AMV Welcome
Alternate Metaverse
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Welcome Area, Lounge & Starting Point for Alternate Metaverse Grid. A warm friendly Adult grid with open waters and Air, Copy your own OAR from website, low cost land packages, Regional God powers, Self restarts from web - 2 FREE weeks on your first land purchase, FREE pre-built regions you can have put on your land.

The New Alternate Metaverse Cafe' at AMV Welcome
Fine foods, snacks, desserts- 15 varieties of pie and the best Coffees in the metaverse! Aloria Asana is your hostess & Manager. Make new Friends, or sit and clean out your inventory over a hot cup of cappucino!

Greedy Game Social - A get together to play greedy and make new friends! @ AMV Welcome, Fridays 3-5 PM Grid Time
All are welcome both on and off gridders! Beer & Pizza for everyone!

So many beautiful places to explore on Alternate Metaverse Grid- Castles, Schools, Beaches, Malls, Clubs, Live Stages, Parks, Adult Couple Regions and incredible residents. A warm friendly Adult grid with open Waters and Air, Copy your own OAR from website, low cost land packages, Regional God powers, Self restarts from web.

Xenon Darrow: I love this grid! It's my home grid, with a 4x4 region! Always wonderful events, and you are always treated like family! Professional support, grid is always up and working supremely! 10/10 1 years ago
Can you believe it? REGIONS FOR $5 usd!
Where: AMV Welcome
When: 2 years ago [1 Aug 2021 07:00 SLT]

Come in this morning and we'll set up your region immediately! 2 FREE WEEKS!

Alternate Metaverse announces our NEW reduced Prim Regions
for 5$ USD a month 10k prims for a full sized region- Does not include God powers. visit our website

Memorial of Ricky Maya
Where: AMV Welcome
When: 2 years ago [27 Jun 2021 10:00 SLT]

We are gathering today on Ricky Maya's region "Terra Formatae" to pay respects to our dearly loved and sadly missed friend who left the earth on Sunday June 20th 2021. All are welcome to attend. Please join us in Alternate Metaverse Grid hop://

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ClanEscotia Cat and Clifford run the AMV Grid and what a grid that is !!!......many helpful people ....many wonderful events....many great sims........they make you feel right at home .......nothin negative about anything in AMV- -----You arent there yet ?
Natalia Valentina I've been enjoying myself here on the AMV Grid. People are kind, friendly and helpful. I haven't been disappointed yet. I been seeking a new grid to call Home and I've found it with AMV. Definitely a grid I'd recommend to others. A beautiful place where I can create, design/build and hopefully soon,...
SlowIbanez Hey Cataplexia and Clifford, you give us one of the best's grids in OpenSim, thank you ♥