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The Trianon Complex is at present 3 different clubs The Ballroom a formal Event is held every Thursday 1pm PST The Fetish Factor Sundays 5pm PST and TGIF Fridays 4 pm PST DJ Esse for your favorite 70's and 80's DISCO music

have a lot more time to go.. come spend some time at the Ballroom (Formal)

Hoppy Easter everyone who came out to the 4th Annual Bunny Bash.. Next Year Same Time Same Place.. hugs

Zoree is on the stage now till 2pm.. come join us for 3 hours of beautiful music

Enjoying the Smooth Jazz covers today.. come join us still have room left for YOU

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone.. The Music is hot at the Fetish factor tonight

still, more love songs to play.. thank you every one who came today to enjoy Zoree's beautiful voice.. and Stayed for my Love Songs

Zoree is on stage till 2;00pm come on down

having a great time in the Ballroom today, Playing Island Love songs we kicked off our shoes to feel the sand between the toes.. its so nice.. and its not -35 in

Zoree is on stage entertaining us till 2pm grid.. come enjoy her beautiful voice. DJ Essensual will be playing after.

The weekend is finally here and it's time to get your groove on. Head down to TGIF and boogie the night away as DJ Esse spins those sick disco hits from the 70's & 80's that we all know and love. From 4-6pm every Friday, this place becomes a disco fever dream. So put on your platforms, squeeze into those polyester pants, and hustle your way to TGIF to dance dance dance under the mirror ball! It's disco time, let's get this party started! Complex

having a great time enjoying the Love Songs from the Movies.. come join us Formal dress code

Still have time to come and get your Valentines Edition Tuxedos for the Valentines Events today, or the Lady in red event here tomorrow. The Tuxedos are in the Ballrooms Elegance shop Complex

its Disco Fridays come on down to TGIF.. lots of room on the floor..

still have room for you to join us at The Ballroom today.. Just get dressed up , and hop on over to this beautiful formal event

Just in time for valentines, Essensual has worked on 3 tuxedos for you Gentlemen to wear. Come to the Trianon World Complex, take the TP board or large pictures of the Ballroom and look for the Elegance Shop sign you will find them there. And Make sure you come to the Lady In Red Ball on the 15th, Zoree Jupiter and Essensual entertaining you for 3 hours.
Show her you love her everyday. Complex

oh it must be Ladies Night.. Club is filled with single woman.. still lots of room for you

The Ballroom is open, the music is playing, and a lot of nice people to chat with.. come on down and enjoy some Love songs.. Formal dress code

Hope every one is enjoying there Thursday, come enjoy some love songs with DJ Essensual

oh we are Flying High in search of the White Rabbit at the Fetish Factor tonight. Come grab your pill and chill out to the psychedelic music with DJ Esse

oh the Ballroom is busy today, Graceann Noel's birthday Wish her a Happy Birthday if you see her

Adani: Happy Birthday Graceann ! 3 months ago

come join us.. everyone is welcome, Adult grid

TGIF tonight.. come join us .. a lot of room left

Come join us in the ballroom, playing the BEST 50's love songs today

the Ball Dropped and the fireworks went off for another time zone hitting midnight Happy New Years

just rang in the New Years for UK and Iceland.. come join us for Brazil next
the ball will drop and the fire works will go off

Come Join us for the Last Ballroom Dance of this year 2023.. oh wait its not.. we will be here on Sunday at the black and white ball

Zoree on stage with the Ballet Troupe

The Christmas event has just started.. hurry down.. Zoree on till 2pm and Essensual after Christmas Parade at 2:30

Christmas has also come to Trianon. Outside the Trianon Ballroom we have 11 floats made by the residents and friends for you to come and vote on. Help them win a free land with your vote. Its not too late for you to join in.. Contact Essensual for a float base. Complex

Fetish Factor is HOTTTT tonight.. come on down

Oh TGIF was a bumping place tonight.. every friday from 4pm come on down to the "BEST DISCO IN TOWN"

Oh the Ballroom is hopping today, come on down and enjoy the wonderful love songs being played.

If you have been waiting to rent some land, this is the best time to start.

For the Month of December, you can get Half Price on any region you rent, from a single up to a 5x5 Var. Yes Half the normal price for the month of December.
Come in and talk to Essensual McMahon about your dream world.
Come in and rent now and STILL get half price in December.
Make Trianon-World your NEW address
If you are looking for a new home due to Grid closers, or just cause you're sick of your assets being lost, consider Trianon-World as your new home. We have competitive rates for land and a Half-price event for December. As a Christmas gift from Essensual and Adani all land rentals are half-price this month. We host 3 events a week and are searching for new DJs and singers to fill 2 underused venues. Trianon-World has hit almost 1000 active users a month and hit 10th place on the Hypergrid-Business rankings. Come Visit us, today Complex.

If you decide to make Trianon-World your home you can sign up on your viewer after you have put Trianon-World grid in your viewer. Instructions on the website

still time for you to come listen to some of the greatest Love Songs and Ballads we have a space reserved just for you

the floor is open and waiting fro you to come and fill it up. Fetish Factor night, get your latex or leather on and come on down

Still a lot of time left at the Ballroom, come join us

I want to thank every one who came out to the Ballroom today, you all looked great in your Gowns and Tuxedos..

still a lot of time and a lot of room for you on the dance floor..

thank you all who came out to the Ballroom event today.. and heard Adani and my announcement.. You are all invited

TGIF Disco going hot and Strong just the place to be.. hurry down to the Trianon.. ask for a ride over

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Adani The Trianon Complex is a very warmful place, here, you can find always good tunes, a cheerful owner and DJ as well, and always nice guests. Come and just enjoy all that !
Gala♥:D I have been to some amazing clubs in SL and Open sim, I love coming to the events here at Trianon for the simple fact that there is a combination of events. It does take loads of work to make a great place and have good friends and family to come and enjoy themselves. So if you looking for some go...
Nadeah Fur A fantastic, unique experience here in OpenSim. The entire region currently comprises three different, but equally impressive clubs — each of which put a smile on my face. The passion behind the build is apparent and the atmosphere is on-point. I visited (for the first time ever) in the off-hours...

Region Comments

Get over to the disco night at TGIF its a pretty good night, nice anims and good dj
all nicely done, but most importantly very friendly folks there open to strangers and welcoming
Poderia me passar o login de registro pf!
esta é uma região não uma grade então não tenho login, qualquer hipergrider pode vir aos meus clubes
Forgot to say in my review. SWEET tunes to. :)
Beautiful and classy ballroom...loved it!
Just visited the Trianon Ballroom for the first time, and it is absolutely stunning! Superb attention to every detail. Just an outstanding build. Can't wait to attend an event there! Now, where did I leave my dancing shoes........
it was a pleasure showing you around.. cant wait till you come for a dance
Think you're gonna need a bigger club. And I don't mean the ballroom :)
changed my mind and started working on it.. but I might wait till I move up to the 2x2 to install it.. needs some special scripting
I guess I can start building after christmas