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Tierra de Volcanes, inspired by the Canary Islands, a place to walk, relax. Disco, beach and volcanoes.
Shoping Clothing, accessories and complete avatars for men's and women's,
Tierra de Volcanes, inspirada en las Islas Canarias, un lugar para pasear, relajarse. Discoteca, playa y volcanes.
Tienda de ropa, accesorios y avatares completos para hombre y mujer.


News news!!! heheheh me again ....

LeonitasLionheart: 3 words...fab...you...less! now to see if i can make this fit Jake/Ares xD 9 days ago

News! hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/127/314/3226

LeonitasLionheart: Oh dear. Seems someone has stolen half of these ladies dresses. Would you wish to report a crime? La policia? ;) teasing... Great work! 16 days ago

News! hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/16/360/3225

thedeeferry: Could not find this lovely flybug swarm, erigeron & perdita lavenderfield, garden butterfly thingy. :( 17 days ago

News! hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/55/295/3226

Morgan Chaplin: Beautiful clothes thank you for sharing. 18 days ago

News! hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/119/315/3226

LeonitasLionheart: Indeed some fantastic selections. Marpil is blessing the Lara x crowd lately! Bravo! 20 days ago

News! hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/267/399/3223

Aurora Starchild: No se que me gusta más, si los que trae, o la puesta en escena. Tengo que pasarme pronto a hacer otro 'barrido' y llevarme todoo 22 days ago

News!!! We have a new decoration area in Tierra de Volcanes, paintings, furniture, garden area, etc. hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/256/401/3222

News! hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/156/475/3224

Aurora Starchild: Ohhh esas capas de materials como se notan 1 month ago

News! little hearts falling from the sky Yayyyy how cute!! hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/40/359/3225

Marpil Grafenwalder: they are really fun when they fall and bounce all over the place, they also give off a very nice light....aiii I like them a lot hahahahahaha 2 months ago

News! hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/171/404/3224

AbdulDada: I love your Sim! Very well put together! 2 months ago

news! hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/171/404/3224

Bebe: really cute Marpil ty so much 2 months ago
La Fontaine du Triton (Wishing well) Click on the edge of the fountain, accept and then add the coin, stand near the fountain, make a beautiful wish and throw your coin into the wishing fountain! yay!

News! hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/163/409/3224

Darci Viper: Love all the goodies on Tierra thank you marpil 2 months ago

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Aurora Starchild Went to visit today, and what a treat! Gave me R.Lion vibes (and that's a good thing!) so much stuff that I had to just bookmark and decide to "raid" it later. All newly brought stuff too! Amazing work! Thanks for that!
Sodasullivan What a great discovery! A wide selection of items from the practical to the fantastic. I like how everything is laid out and found it very easy to walk around and take everything in. Thanks for all your great work Marpil ¡Qué gran descubrimiento! Una amplia selección de artículos, desde lo práct...
LeonitasLionheart Lovely area, amazing costumes, mardis gras/carnival area is so bright and lively and unique! thank you, Marpil, for sharing, and making Opensim more beautiful!