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Want to explore meditate, being zen, or just just relax, or hang out at the port, get a house for living in a asian environment? Only for AMV Residents ofcourse. Want to learn how to meditate? Or listen to the last channeling by Blossom Goodchild with the Galactic Federation of Light come over to Samsara, we have it all. Walk or TP to the Dhamma Hall and follow all the streams and teachings by S.N. Goenka himself. Hop over and take your time to look around and have questions about this beautiful region, do not hasitate to contact Yana Dakota for more information. Namaste

A Christmas Happy Hour at Samsara,
Its Happy hour again!!!!!!!

Yeah my friends,

Santa Claus haven´t forgat Samsara either and dropped 12 boxes to find for you, they are everywhere to find on the sim.
There are some uniques presents in the boxes as i did a fast peek.... some are prolly not.

Curious? Take a tour on the sim and try to find them...You will regret it if you don´t do it.

From the dragon to the meditation on top with the Buddha near the river.

From the woods to the zenpond and the Thai Chi area.

From east to the west and south to the North...

Take a Taxi as Happy Hour has starts NOW....

Happy Hunting!!!

Happy Xmas !!!


Namaste Lovely Friends,
I have made a new addition to Samsara.
Blossom Goodchild is a famous channeler in the RL world.
I think she is for me one of the trusting spiritual person in this world.
She is really amazing and she is really funny as well and blunt in her using of words. She does not hold back with her questions to the leaders to "The Federation of Light" from our universe

Experience for Yourself and come to Samsara for listening to her


Yeahhhhh, 2 rewards on AMV recieved, what a blessing!!! What a great Grid!!

Star Ravenhurst: Congratulations! Well done!! 3 months ago
Little tip of the veil, what you can expect when you jump on that boat and let it bring you to Samsara AMV Grid!

Meet us @ Metasea Tours Office @ 2pm

METASEA BOAT Tour Today @ 2pm to SAMSARA

Alternate Metaverse Boat Tours Set Sail Once Again!

This time we will be heading out to SAMSARA.

SAMSARA is a 2 X 2 Region Created by Yana Dakota a place for everyone to enjoy and explore.

Samsara is a set up, for relaxing, meditating, practising Tai Chi or wander around and enjoy the sightseeing on every spot on Samsara. The tour is lasting 1.5 hour.
Make sure your sound is a bit more up then the music and your shared environment is enabled. I really advice you to put your music in the background. That way you will feel the tranquility and energy you experience when visiting Samsara
The tour will be on voice, but if you dont like to use that one, do not hesitate to ask your questions by typing, I see your typingbubbles so i will wait patiently for you questions.

Hope to see a lot of you coming from that boat on the docks!

Namaste Yana

(((J Join us today in exploring their exciting and entertaining world! )))

Meet us @ Metasea Tours Office @ 2pm


As another Place is ready on Samsara, A new port has builded and its to enter by boat on the open waters of AMV . So this sunday coming the Metasea Boat Cruise will be heading of to Samsara for a tour on this region itself , if anyone is interested ... 2pm it leaves!

A moment of silence and meditation.......come to will be surprised.

ZelleMist: Dinkies Funsize Dinkie Resort, Alternate Metaverse, went on a roadtrip to Samsara. A beautifully built sim by Yana Dakota. Very peaceful, a place to relax, to meditate. Complete Instructions and guide... 3 months ago

The Entrance Torii To the Zen Garden in the sea.

The entrance To the Beautiful Zen Pond.

New to Samsara, The OakWoods, It brings you this way to the Zen Garden in the sea and the Pond Garden where you can relax and being zen all the way!

Hop over to Samsara for a look or a chat. Im always willing to talk. Samsara is the place to be! TP system added.

Buddha enlightened

Another extension on Samsara... a beautiful pond with many relaxing moments

New added to Samsara! You can practise your Tai chi here in the beautiful environment of Samsara! Teleport system is added

Jerralyn Franzic: Cool... where may I score a similar outfit? Would love to visit soon, but I'll feel more at home with the right clothes. :) 3 months ago

Beautifull spots for a deep meditating with the sound of the running river in the background

Entrance to the Dojo..for sparring

Entrance to the Dojo..for sparring

Tranquility, peacefull, mindfull. Come hop over and sit there and listen to the streams from S.N. Goenka himself and follow your 10 days course all for free, like in RL to keep it pure and honost. Everyone can join All over the world. Information in the Vipassana education room with a short interview from S.N. Goenka himself.

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Cintoli Samsara is what I would call a labor of love. Besides the attention to detail, color, sound and audio media, it is representative of the creator's passion for Asian philosophy and principles. When you want to have a moment of peace, go to Samsara, enjoy the view, breathe calmly and immerse yourself ...
DesyGraywolf Samsara is one of the best regions I have seen. Even if you don't stop to meditate, it is so relaxing just walking around, you can't help but get lost in relaxing. Awesome job Yana, loved it and will be back many times.
Cataplexia Numbers A well built and content rich retreat for all who love peace, tranquility and aesthetic beauty! A magnificent place to meditate, balance your chakras, heal emotional scars of drama. and feel the positive universal energy which exudes from this place! Use your EEP- the sky is breathtaking! Yana is su...

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Samsara is one of the best regions I have seen. Even if you don't stop to meditate, it is so relaxing just walking around, you can't help but get lost in relaxing. Awesome job Yana, loved it and will be back many times.
Thank You all for the nice reviews, It´s highly appreciated. _/\_ Namasté