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Want to explore meditate, being zen, or just just relax, or hang out at the port, get a house for living in a asian environment? Only for AMV Residents ofcou...
3DLES Education
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3DLES Education in Virtual worlds. This is a DEMONSTRATION grid for promoting education in virtual worlds. This region is the place where all visitors first arr...

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Residential center, entertainment, shop.

Cookie II
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Cookie II is the hypergrid home of New Media Arts, a nonprofit corporation. Our mission is to preserve our cultural heritages in new media platforms, and suppor...
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In the heart of a breathtaking mountain wilderness lies an observatory perched atop a floating mountain, offering unobstructed views of the stunning landscape a...
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Salle de classe de la grille ATLAS. Cours Linux, OpenSim, LSL, etc. Les cours sont donnés en langue française, en vocal. ALTAS classroom. Lectures and pratic...
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NoiLab è una sim letteraria, in cui ha sede il progetto “Fuori dal labirinto – Una stanza tutta per sé” a cura di Lorenza Colicigno Progetto di spazio socia...
Maze of the Mind Grand Canyon
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16 region nature meshes stacked up as high as 10000 meters. It can be a slow load, patience and good company a necessity but worth the wait if one likes beauty...
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Metaverse University of DigiWorldz provides virtual world education to users around the globe. Learn building, texturing, scripting, region management, real-lif...
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Sounscapes by Lorin Tone - I Make The Noise For Your Toys! Part of Koryphon Academy, Alternate Metaverse Grid. Classes for creating soundscapes AND machinima v...
Maze Space
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Our Solar System laid out on an 8x8. Pluto space station has about 20 freebie spacecraft to enjoy flying around. Jupiter is...HUGE:-) Enjoy your stay!
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