Virtual Laboratory Training and
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The Virtual Laboratory Training and Career Center (VLTCC) is also known as the “Virtual Laboratory Training, Career Recruitment and Retention (VLTC) Project”. I...
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Metaverse University of DigiWorldz provides virtual world education to users around the globe. Learn building, texturing, scripting, region management, real-lif...

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Avalon is home to The Ruins Rock Club, The Attic, and the Hi Hat Club. Various events are held there, from Classic Rock at the Ruins, Rock 'n Roll at the Attic, and Jazz, Big Band Swing and other similar genres at the Hi Hat. All for your enjoyment.

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Open Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) welcome region on Openvue Grid.
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Koryphon is a 5x5 VAR filled with Clubs:- Club Synergy, SK8 Rollerclub, The Hollow, Tiki Cove, The Coffee House Also: The Visual Poetry Art Gallery & Chakras ...
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Cannabis Information Center - Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource, empowering people in legal cannabis markets to learn about the rig...
Abyss Observatory
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Museum of Earth and Marine science and technology. There are the ultra science drill ship "Chikyu", Earth Simulator, the middle-upper atmosphere radar, the Eart...
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Visit the exhibition of human megalomania. :-)
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Rural farm built around Satyr's farm package
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We are an outreach ministry of Faith Chapel, to bring Gods' Word to the World, to nurture fellow Christians, and live peaceablily with all men. We have many m...
Happy Valley
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3rdLife Grid full sim version of the Satyr Farm. Come check it out and find the little extras we added
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