3DLES Education
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3DLES Education in Virtual worlds. This is a DEMONSTRATION grid for promoting education in virtual worlds. This region is the place where all visitors first arr...
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Space Force region, public sandbox, lunar terrain. Hosting Blender for Beginners classes.

Art Box 1
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Art Box - the virtual gallery where you get to star in famous artworks, paintings and photographs, all lovingly recreated in 3D, meaning you can pose in the art work and take your own photo, in your own style. So you become both the art - and the artist!

Campus Virtual
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VGRID is an academic grid of the Universidade Federal de Pelotas (Federal University of Pelotas), Brazil, linked to the V-GRAD Project. Campus Virtual (Virtual ...
Cookie II
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Cookie II is the hypergrid home of New Media Arts, a nonprofit corporation. Our mission is to preserve our cultural heritages in new media platforms, and suppor...
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Metaverse University of DigiWorldz provides virtual world education to users around the globe. Learn building, texturing, scripting, region management, real-lif...
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Open Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) welcome region on Openvue Grid.
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Koryphon is a 5x5 VAR filled with Clubs:- Club Synergy, SK8 Rollerclub, The Hollow, Tiki Cove, The Coffee House Also: The Visual Poetry Art Gallery & Chakras ...
Opensim Lab
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The welcome region for an educationally focused grid. More info:
Abyss Observatory
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Museum of Earth and Marine science and technology. There are the ultra science drill ship "Chikyu", Earth Simulator, the middle-upper atmosphere radar, the Eart...
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Visit the exhibition of human megalomania. :-)
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