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Good morning everyone

Thank you for your patience during this move!

A couple of quick notes

1. For Pin & Sora, and any others wanting to use an avi from a different grid, such as osg, I need to invite you to group and set land to group owned. The challenge, I have tried inviting all of you to group, but it will not allow me to invite cross grid when offline which is normal. I need to be be with you to get you in group.

2. For Lily and maybe Timur and Reggie. I need you to make account at friends-grid by going to website

If issues, try making with no period in name. I tried to get company to make accounts for you and they said they will do everything but that because of legal reasons. If you want the account at friends-grid…..please make it. Serina can assist….she did this on her own yesterday .

Send me account name on osw as soon as you do this