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Copper 4 days ago
Why were the posts about GPDR deleted? This was an info that IPs of one are also under the data protection rules! This gets here weirder and weirder *sigh
MillyAnn Morgana 15 days ago
I have Classic clothes for both M&W at R&M Creations in OSGrid, all free w/templates. I am a Gimp Designer. A general search while in OSGrid will be sure to pull up R&M Creations;-) TY! Come see me;-)
GlennXpletive 17 days ago
Copper 21 days ago
I remember something when Cyber once threatened me here to take "legal actions" against me . Perhaps this favor should be repaid. Publishing personal data would be far more serious before law
Nico Kalani 28 days ago
It appears the post was deleted by OSW due to the reports or because people's comments on it were making him out to be a fool,
Nico Kalani 29 days ago
I have reported Cyber's slanderous post, and started a post of my own in response. I'm glad to see you have as well.