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Adore 16 days ago
As normally copper you assume wrong! Second a post is opposed but if mines are not seen it's nice to get some help some time contact doesn't work or didn't you know that. I like to thank for Cyber For...
Ankhsenaton 17 days ago
are you still needing help here ? I have an under construction sim on another grid than osg
Katana Destiny Hart 1 month ago
How is having a RP baby a disgrace in opensim who is dillusional enough to think anyone can cause harm with a mesh baby i miss my kids in sl and i have to go back there my husband keeps wanting to lea...
tohasu 2 months ago
opinion? I'm just trying to find my way around on the site.
Jasyluna 3 months ago
Lamento la mala experiencia vivida en Royal, no supieron valorar tus conocimientos y la buena disposicion para trabajar.
Copper 4 months ago
Researching at HG business site might sometimes also help. There is an old one from 2014 out already. Maybe script could be altered to your needs (pictures). It has destination info already: https://w...