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Pagane 3 days ago
Now do you understand why I deleted all the posts? Because the aggression against non-LGBT people is so furious and disgusting that many times I had to justify myself even in my own region. I don't mi...
Jupiter Rowland 3 days ago
I'd say that if a region hosts regular events that start before 1 PM SLT, and that are advertised as neither brunches nor religious services, the region can be considered LGBTIQ+-friendly. The reason ...
Han_Held 4 days ago
This was sweet and interesting. I feel bad for you that your post recieved such an unwarranted hostile reception. Thank you for sharing it anyway. :)
Nico Kailani 4 days ago
By entering "gay" as a region search word, I find 12 regions named Gay[something]. Do they promote their events as gay friendly? At the moment, all but two are off-line. One of these has neve...
Nico Kailani 5 days ago
Caribou - a LBGTQ+ place that is straight friendly. Memo to self -- do not post before having my morning coffee. So, post-caffeine, the Caribou comes to mind. They have dance events every day except T...
Aaack 5 days ago
Sadly: "As for the nature of the relationship between the “Lovers of Modena,” it’s hard to say. Though we might be tempted to think of them as having been romantically linked, experts say that’s unl...