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Trouble Ahead 14 days ago
He made wonderful arms for all kind of RP. You can come see them by visiting Catronian Archipelago and visit the shipwrights to TP there, or just look at Kitely marketplace and search on name.
ChopperGausman 21 days ago
Find it for free, and then if it cannot be found anywhere, then you gotta buy it from where it is being sold... That's all part of the "game" we are all playing. Quality always beats quantity involvin...
Aaack 1 month ago
I only attend funerals for the free buffet.
Fred Beckhusen, aka Ferd Frederi 1 month ago
This is a false alarm. It is the hashed MAC address of a loopback adapter. Note that on the Mantis, they have different hashed disk ID's. All Loopback adapters on Linux and PC's use the same Mac ad...
Dan 1 month ago
Hi "So, tell us please, what good does it do to go to a place looking for places to go and all we run into the most is bickering, backbiting, pointing fingers, accusations and such?" If you click th...
LicuRau 1 month ago
Please read the note from Tampa, the developer who wrote the code about mac banning in OpenSim in the mantis that i opened. Be careful banning people, this "mac" starting with 288... is related to a v...