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Loru Destiny 45 minutes ago
Dorena Verne 51 minutes ago
Nico Kailani 6 days ago
Photo 1 looks like it was taken from a surveillance video cam. Photo 2 is POV.
Han_Held 12 days ago
Good stuff! I always liked Penny Patton's settings, personally. You can see them here: though I use her old numbers, which yo...
CherylFurse 13 days ago
Everyone is different. Until my 20th I was skinny and had no boobs. Then I took anti baby pills and got B cups and later more. My petite body has same size as in RL and is 1.67 m tall. If other women ...
Nico Kailani 13 days ago
Child AVs are just fine with Linden Labs, and there are plenty of shops with bodies, clothing and furniture for them. It might be useful if child-friendly grids/regions post that in their OSW descript...