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Pagane 9 days ago
Same as real world....... big problem:)
OpenSimWorld 6 months ago
If you mean how to show up in opensimworld, you can go here and read the instructions at the bottom:
FreyaJo8 6 months ago
give Arkham city a try, they have all the latest BOM heads and all the extras. Just look them up on here.
Froot Loops 6 months ago
afaik I don't think anyone did a conversion to bom for the previous heads. I've not seen them.
Charlene McNally 8 months ago
Ask the grid owner, or send an email to them asking to remove your complete account. They must do this is you ask.
Copper 9 months ago
Right. Only with a console for your sim / region: I prefer a grid where I have my own control of sim , and not always to ask an admin. An IAR can get ve...