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MrSnoodle 2 days ago
I got mine here: or copy this into the map:
Trixie Whispurr 22 days ago
Thank you so much for that xoxo big hugs
Pagane 22 days ago
go to region Edit settings and down right will see gray button [Delete Region...] SAD!
Copper 2 months ago
If you mean sim pictures at OSW : Login to your region at OSW, go to the picture you posted (click edit button there) , and delete.
Kelso.Uxlay 2 months ago
You can post for a while without purchasing additional coins. Check your account; you probably have (by default) 200 coins. Each front page post costs 5 coins
KatLemieux 2 months ago
Not sure if they're what you're looking for, but I found some beautiful peacock wanderers in the Dallas Mall world this week.