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Jupiter Rowland 3 days ago
Check out OSWRS (; stands for "OpenSimWorkingRadioStreams"). You'll find ready-to-use radios, general ones that cover a variety of genres as well as specialised one. ...
Cnayl Rainbow 3 days ago
Have you looked at For any station there you can download the Winamp pls file which contains the URL you can set in OpenSim. I also have a free radio you can pick u...
Jasminecliodhna 3 days ago
oh no i didnt thanks for that. just looked and not really much there was hoping for a few different genres thanks anyway
Aaack 4 days ago
Did you see there's a button of "radio streams" on the front page here? (at the right), it may help a bit.
Aaack 16 days ago
OSGrid doesn't supports display names, so don't pay attention to what the viewers say, even if you could change your display name once per second it wouldn't be shown to others.
Han_Held 16 days ago
As far as I know, the only grid that supports Display Names is Mobius grid. It doesn't work anywhere else.