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How do you change out old pictures of your place?
Help with landing people at coordinates other than 128,128,0
When people copy my HG address from Opensimworld, it always puts them at 128,128,0... is there a way to over-ride this. I tried putting a region telehub, but it did not land visitor at that place. I did not use beacons before I built my regions, so some of them, it is totally wrong landing at 128,128,0. If people come via the beacon itself, it lands them near beacon. But it is unlikely that most people come that way. I think most people just copy and paste from the opensimworld HG address on the region itself.
Can we stop anonymous malice and envy?
I've noticed that almost all posts containing malice, envy and insult are from newly created accounts from the same IP addresses.
Can we just limit writing to a post first 7 days and up to ... 10 accounts from IP address?

I start a little help list with FAKE account specially created for hate and malice!

1. --> 24 hours and already 2 unproven charges against OSW members for serious crime...
2. --> Joined 4 days ago - Really same user with same porno pictures and same malice
3. --> Joined 2 days ago - Now with special extras for you - true computer virus....


I'm happy OSW stop malice, envy and insult:
DreamGrid downloader
DreamGrid installer isn't installing a new setup at the moment, not sure what's up, but If someone can let Fred know. It won't install a new dreamgrid in a blank folder, it just only updates an existing one.
Hello :) I post to my group but the posts by myself or other members don't show up in the group activity feed. It shows up in the OSW main activity feed. I'm confused. I can't find my members posts? Please help!
Strange problems teleporting to other regions?
Sometimes the solution for this is really simple. Here are two things we never think about.
1) If you are using one viewer, try a different one such as singularity, alchemy, firestorm, or coolvlviewer.
2) Sometimes problems can be noticed when going between one os grid version and another grid version, if running firestorm, this problem is exacerbated if your router has DOS protection in the firewall settings. Denial of service protection stops large streams of data coming into your home network, but of course the viewers transmit large amounts during teleports and if your router sees this as a dos attack it will rate limit it or block it altogether, causing slow tp's and intermittent tp problems.
OpenSim Tips
If you find you cannot teleport to a region and you know it was previously working, which means you got the port forwarding set up correctly, and the ip addresses are all correct, then go to that console for that region, and type: fcache clear.
If you run opensim on windows, you can use a program suchas "restart on crash" to monitor and restart the Robust.exe should it either crash, or start not responding. Restart on Crash is a free windows application.
If you are unable to stop a region from restarting, observe the logs. I went to visit a grid and got items, unfortunately while I was there the region crashed. I logged back in to my grid and rezzed the items I got previously from the sim that crashed while I was there. The next time I restarted my grid, that region restarted over and over. I found that the items had not finished downloading, and were trying to contact the grid that crashed. After I deleted the objects from the console using: delete object id "whatever uuid number" everything returned to normal and ran smoothly.

Your teleporter cannot connect to most of the regions listed on it. It has been like this for a while. It cannot make connection to most of the regions.

Ripping off my SL MP stuff
I'm not sure what's going on here, but this ( ) script is a near perfect pilfering of a script I sell on SL's Marketplace. If you're the one who put that up, what gives you the right to pilfer my work like that? If you're not the one, would you please take that down, and direct people to my Marketplace page instead? If you need to, you can contact me at:

Can somebody help me? I cannot log in. ....I keep getting this error in my viewer every time I upload it.
Loading Error!
Code: -105

why can't the offensive reviews be removed?

Sorry, why are reviews with bad offenses allowed? it's normal in this world to write: you are a parasite of shit lol?

I receive constant offenses, why can't the offensive reviews be removed?
Sorry I received a bad offense review, because I have banned the use of copybot viewers in my regions
this account attacks my person and my page I have blocked but I still find it in the comments Brand
Opensimworld threats

I am receiving threats in my private IM here at Opensimworld.

You set my HG address wrong, and then banned me for it???
You added secondlife: as a prefix, to all of my HG links, then when no one can access my region (because I'm NOT in Second Life), you ban me for incorrect address and refuse to reply to my support requests??? WTF? Please help me get this set up correctly!

Where are the comments?

If you wish to register, please contact us to request an invitation ...
I read it after trying to register again ... I'm sorry, but I didn't understand why my account was canceled without any explanation.
and all the Beacons of my grid BdsmRLV have been reset
Thanks for your kind reply

I want the webmaster of this site
Ich möchte den Webmaster dieser Seite

ho problemi col login

Trouble logging in

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Pagane 2 months ago
Go to your region and click "Edit setting" button. One of settings is region image
SamAdama 2 months ago
Aaack 2 months ago
I think you can edit the old post and select a new image and then press submit.
Copper 2 months ago
go to land info...set a landing point where you wish to land ppl on, and thats it... About how to set landing points is a huge article also at Firestorm help... And if their is a region with many avat...
Aaack 2 months ago
I have the same issue, apparently some grids and some viewers don't respect the land coordinates, so in my case i just put an invisible prim there (128 is underwater in my case) that teleports whoever...
Aaack 3 months ago
You can always block a user that you don't want to see, in world is even easier. Blanket limits imposed due a tiny fraction of the userbase doesn't look like a good solution IMO.