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Jasminecliodhna yesterday
i owe a big apology to opensim world members you all tried to warn me about alex and avitron and i did say he seemed to have changed and i would give him the benefit of doubt but i have learnt. he sh...
Pagane 8 days ago
Easy answer: bann is because you make MAJOR ERROR to swear twice on end .... Your error. About log files - Laws REQUIRE from owners to have log files, and to use with special rules.... READ before spe...
Demian_Douglas 1 month ago
Hola, aunque llevo desde 2009 en Os Grid, no me había registrado aquí como usuario, entre otras cosas estaba mas centrado en SL. Quiero decir que me enteré de la existencia de Avitron y me hice una cu...
thedeeferry 1 month ago
I miss Sacrarium . I know, its politically incorrect to say that out loud, and I did it anyway.
OpenSimWorld 3 months ago
No, they are not. Do they have regions here? thanks
Jujujones 3 months ago
Here is a refinement. If you have a beacon in OSW and you ban an entire grid, can't there be something in OSW that says why?