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Can somebody help me? I cannot log in. ....I keep getting this error in my viewer every time I upload it.
Loading Error!
Code: -105

hi guys I am trying to add my halloween region and it says "Your region is not allowed to be listed in opensimworld." any idea why -HELP

IRC Button
What is this IRC button I see as a tab next to Farm?

why can't the offensive reviews be removed?
Sorry, why are reviews with bad offenses allowed? it's normal in this world to write: you are a parasite of shit lol?

I receive constant offenses, why can't the offensive reviews be removed?
Sorry I received a bad offense review, because I have banned the use of copybot viewers in my regions
this account attacks my person and my page I have blocked but I still find it in the comments Brand

Opensimworld threats
I am receiving threats in my private IM here at Opensimworld.

You set my HG address wrong, and then banned me for it???
You added secondlife: as a prefix, to all of my HG links, then when no one can access my region (because I'm NOT in Second Life), you ban me for incorrect address and refuse to reply to my support requests??? WTF? Please help me get this set up correctly!

Where are the comments?

If you wish to register, please contact us to request an invitation ...
I read it after trying to register again ... I'm sorry, but I didn't understand why my account was canceled without any explanation.
and all the Beacons of my grid BdsmRLV have been reset
Thanks for your kind reply

I want the webmaster of this site
Ich möchte den Webmaster dieser Seite

ho problemi col login

Strange cannot seem to edit event posting once it is posted not liking the new event posting thing. You have to pay for teach post which is fine not an issue but cannot edit it to change it a bit and some words we entered doesn't show up on the bottom. We should be able to edit it if we are gonna be charged for it.

Trouble logging in

New Comments

OpenWorldz 11 days ago
Try another firestorm version this is the new beta: Or get: the 6.0.2 version: I have both
Arcfury 11 days ago
I have some solutions to pass along, but this comment section isn't letting me post them, for some odd reason. I'll try an IM.
OpenWorldz 12 days ago
are you outworldz? If so they have been having DNS issues Thats a server side issue.
LaDiva Andrews 12 days ago
I cannot log in.,....I keep getting this error in my viewer every time I upload it.. Loading error! Message: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Code: -105
OpenSimWorld 14 days ago
did you check the "i confirm my region does" checkbox ?
OpenSimWorld 16 days ago
IRC is the oldest chat system in the internet. We have our own IRC server for realtime chat to other users