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Govega 4 months ago
This is human nature. Be mean? Yes please. Just let me do it under cover, so I can be mean and still look clean.
Andron 4 months ago
I've noticed more cyberbullying and mean comments lately from both new and long-term users. It's not just criticism about technical issues; it's targeted attacks on specific grid owners or users, also...
thedeeferry 4 months ago
Lol. Be careful, you may be volunteered for that job.
Copper 7 months ago
As a friend put it right: Each (of the thousands) grid in OS is it's own SL. And each has it's own regulations. OSW site here is independent, and has nothing to do with any grid in Opensim. OSW site h...
ShayRayes01 8 months ago
Someday I hope I will reach this level.
Jasminecliodhna 9 months ago
i owe a big apology to opensim world members you all tried to warn me about alex and avitron and i did say he seemed to have changed and i would give him the benefit of doubt but i have learnt. he sh...