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snik snoodle 7 months ago
In answer to SilverVon, My understanding is, if you know the UUID's of both individuals who wish to partner, you can insert those UUID's into the profilePartner field of each of their records in the u...
MTimeless 9 months ago
Silver, adding partners is easy. Go into your DG gui and select Content - Select IAR - load local IAR and select Partner Control Panel. Rez this anywhere in your grid. The first touch by people wil...
Symphony Vive 9 months ago
Buzzy Cnayl 10 months ago
Also, slightly different perhaps, but I do have a swimming HUD in the freebies store at
Zagor 10 months ago
where can I find that?
Ayla_Alvarez 10 months ago
ChatGPT poses an existential threat to Google. Who would have thought anyone could do that?