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ChopperGausman 1 month ago
Don't worry, this is in the works. The REAL Open Grid Community is a collection of people sharing the same concepts of co-existence in the metaverse, without bias, and fairness for everyone involved. ...
Misty_Falls 1 month ago
This coming from me ... Misty ... I would not be concerned of avatar size, but generally anything under 5 feet tall, I consider child-like... if you have a child gate or god mode, key in these terms t...
Copper 1 month ago
This red was also so in prior OS versions (maybe you just didnt look into console with this earlier version). I had TP failures also at our grid today, also red in console (after avatar has left the b...
Glenys Bieler 3 months ago
There IS no REAL child/adult threshold in RL as there really are tiny adults, and eally big kids..... however in os, I would probably go with an average and simply say "we know you may disagree but t...
Jupiter Rowland 3 months ago
I guess what that childgate script needs is the threshold size between a child avatar and an adult avatar. This is hard to specify. No matter what some say the minimum size of an adult avatar is (= e...
OpenSimWorld 4 months ago
you can create posts in the region's page. they will be added to the slideshow