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Jupiter Rowland 3 hours ago
I guess what that childgate script needs is the threshold size between a child avatar and an adult avatar. This is hard to specify. No matter what some say the minimum size of an adult avatar is (= e...
OpenSimWorld 20 days ago
you can create posts in the region's page. they will be added to the slideshow
Jasminecliodhna 1 month ago
i have had two people send my proposals and prices one is turning out to be not good the other i seem to have lost the details from so i am open to more proposals we are with aviworlds atm on a privat...
Froot Loops 1 month ago
when you activate the beacon the region name will show up
Buzzy Cnayl 2 months ago
Contabo ( have very good prices and servers. I know a few people that use them for opensim
Han_Held 3 months ago
It works from here, too.