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Fred Beckhusen/Ferd Frederix 9 days ago
Opensim has always had a severe problem with materials not being saved in IARs. It has only recently in fall of 2023 been fixed. These are safe to ignore and cannot be repaired.
Arielle 3 months ago
Whats the topic or is this just an advertisement?
Michelle Hartley 5 months ago
Where can I get a copy of Childgate ? Thanks.
MTimeless 6 months ago
Your idea came up today when we were talking on my grid about a new roller coaster that combined rotary scripts with the old "orbit" script. Someone said it could be used by you for Six Flaggs over M...
Pagane 6 months ago
Also to ask GDPR "experts" and ban masters: how look in GDPR ban list based on using ddns?! How you will explain why are you trying to find out who I am in the real world and on what legal basis are ...
Copper 6 months ago
Btw: Zeta and their so GPDR thing: If it comes to money, this grid doesnt care of other things. Using Gloebits. Gloebits, from a private person, an ex LL employee, is against EU banking control laws. ...