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EQG Club Equinox
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Club Equinox where Everyone is welcome, except, of course, child avatars. Do not miss this one event per month. "Mid-Month Sunday" with DJ Golbez 3pm to 4pm and a guest DJ 4pm to 5pm grid time. ...
It's YJ the DJ! Tonight at GasWorks 7PM

Now here is a perfect way to cap off a Thursday night! Slip on over to GasWorks to take in YJ the DJ at 7PM. Expect some real legitimate Blues delivered just the way any Blues lover would like. Straight up and out there for you to enjoy and dance to. YJ is no non-sense regarding his Blues and just loves giving it to all his listeners. Take the hop, and meet all your friends tonight, at GasWorks for Yj the DJ. Tonight at 7PM
DJ LadyB Blues and R&B to move your feet 5PM

Join us tonight at GasWorks for the fabulous DJ Lady B! LadyB promises us an exciting set of new tunes and old favorites as well. Expect Blues and seamless R&B as part of her show, while Lady B charms you with her wonderful way behind a microphone. Never taken in a LadyB set at GasWorks before? Tonight is your night! Just grab a friend or two and come on down! Good times will follow. DJ Lady B - Tonight - at GasWorks

Come join us at The Trianon Ballroom where we are listening and dancing some some of the best love songs and rock ballads

Corpi BoM Girl a Man con accessori

Caprica on the Boat!
Where: The Boat
When: 16 Sep 2021 14:00 SLT

Tribal, Latin House dj-set by Caprica djay

The only place where real HOUSE is played.

GL Event page:
Stream provided by: TDR.
La QUEEN "Strega" Enrica Hallyson, vi da il "Benvenuto in land" - Ritrovo per amici, Organizzazione di feste.
Passate parola ai vostri amici e se volete divertirvi, allora questa è la GRID giusta.
Per Per Registrarsi ----> AVITRON GRID

Area di "Benvenuto"

Meet the new offer – “Elastic Grid”!

“Elastic Grid” is a full-fledged, multifunctional network of connected regions based on the Robust server with the “Hypergrid” option, its own web interface and expandable with a large number of regions of various configurations.

Read more:

Ab 20:00 Uhr geht es wieder los :-)

OpenSimulator software for operating your own locally hosted simulator. The zip file contains all the necessary binaries and sources.
New Release at Encantada. It's ready and out at the shop. The Encantada Pergola. It's user friendly and has 4 different set up options and 3 different wood tones.
The touch menu script was provided by my friend Aaack at Arcadia Shop, I'm super grateful for his help on this one.
You're covered in this Pergola, rain or shine day or night :). You can have it just plain, with a canopy, a light or whatever combo you choose.
Lunaria Gloebit Emporium is the flagship store for Lunaria on a 3x3 varregion on Mobius Grid, perfect for shopping, exploration, or meditation.

At the store you'll find unique products created solely by Luna Lunaria that can be purchased with Gloebits. The store is large, with multiple rooms that include themes such as Christmas, Gothic, Vampire, Arcane Magic, Castles, Steampunk Airships, Medieval, Japanese/Asian, Greek and Roman, Statuary, Decor, freebies, large architecture in multiple styles, and large Venues. There are region-size viewing platforms where you can walk through all of the structures available for purchase and experience some stunning builds.

There is a FREEBIES section with several items free to anyone. Also available for free are the Ruth 2.0 and Roth 2.0 mesh avatars with all available resources, as well as teleport boards to stores that carry Ruth and Roth clothing and accessories.

Many of my products can be found on the Kitely Market here:
Lunaria Emporium on Kitely is here to help you complete your own personal vision. I sell only the highest quality original mesh, structures, and decor to take your world to a higher, more realistic level.

Many of my store items are also listed on the Kitely Market here:

NEW Male Jumper

7-9 am DJ Slyder at GasWorks! Morning jump Start!

Fire up the coffee! Grab a dance pad! Settle in for a big helping of Roadhouse style Blues with DJ Slyder! He is going to lay down the Blues like the House is on Fire! Bring your Blues requests as well, if he doesn't already have it he'll do his best to get it for you. With Slyder it's all about YOU having a good time, so join us! DJ Slyder Morning at GasWorks!

Which witch is witch?

Herbst - Dream Fashion

Say Cheese! New Terrain Texture.

DJ BlueLou with Blues you can USE! 7PM

It's a GREAT night! Keep it hopping with DJ BlueLou tonight at GasWorks! Lou will bring you a show with a set of "Blues You Can Use" which will be filled with the best dancing, listening, current, favorites he can dig out from his endless library! Lou takes blues requests also, so if you want to hear it, chances are he has it for you! Join us tonight for a great mid week boost! Join us for Blues You Can Use at GasWorks!
DJ ELE! Blues spectacular! GasWorks 5PM

Join us at GasWorks tonight for the fabulous DJ ELE and her basket of Blues Done Right! ELE loves her audience, and really throws all she has into her set and her listeners! Expect the best contemporary, current Blues around delivered by a true pro DJ who always gives her best! Grab some friends, and come on down to the Juke Joint. Come on down to GasWorks to take in DJ ELE and her "Blues Done Right"
Alternate Metaverse Grid - AUTUMNFEST
September 16th - November 2nd 2021
A 5 Region Tribute Celebrating Autumn & Halloween!
Autumn & Halloween Decor, October Park,
Autumnfest Main Stage & Belly dance Venue
16 Performers- Fall Fashion Show- The Cat's Meow

Colorful, beautiful and a little bit crazy..

bonjour hello
gardes numéros un
guardes number one

new to the sim "Sepulcher" You find version 1 inside the circus tent, version 2 inside the castle...

Shoppers we have a Halloween shop open along with new items PHASE 3 IS NOW OPEN for all to shop we carry all items from avatars to clothing to hair, shoes furniture, garden, did I say HAIR come on over & see what we have to offer @ barefoot-dreamers Mall here's your ride there are 9 regions of shopping
OpenSimulator software for operating your own locally hosted simulator. The zip file contains all the necessary binaries and sources.
On behalf of our resident Alice Wunder, I would like to present one of her regions here.

"Wunderland" is a trip into the countryside.
The walk in summer by the river.
Lost in thought to listen to the splashing.
The opportunity to let your eyes wander.
To pause for a moment, to linger and to enjoy the moment.

Beautiful things against hatred and malice. We participate in this !
Don't you just hate it when your server restarts in the middle of the night and knocks opensim off? That happened to me last night, so we were "off the air" for about 12 hours. Back now, though. Oh, the joys of Windows server forcing a shutdown without permission :)

Advantis Weapons Shop lots of working weapons (all inside unscripted displays take copy and open) Role play props and a few landscaping items

Several teleports around the place that take you into the clouds and space... I will leave you to find them ...

DJ Diamond! Rockin' Blues TONIGHT at GasWorks 7PM

Perfect follow up on a great Tuesday is DJ Diamond, with diamond edged Blues to move you into the night!.. Classic, contemporary, it's all a mixed bag when DJ Diamond takes the stage. But one thing is certain... Terrific tunes will follow and dancing will break out! Grab a few friends, and slide on down to the juke joint. Slide on down to GasWorks. The night is waiting on you!
DJ Purrrfectt Catt! Rock, Blues and more at 5PM

Tuesday Night! Good night to Rock dontcha think? We Do, so much we've brought in DJ Purrrfectt Catt to set 'em up and knock 'em down for you! Expect the best in classic rock, some tunes you haven't heard in forever! Maybe some blues and other surprises as well. It's easy to take this show in, just grab a fariend or two and head on over to GasWorks! We'll be waiting for you, cause sometimes, you just gotta rock!

Sci fi dance floor ... Deep House music ... multination grid

════════━┈ Craw Daddy's Juke Joint ..━════════
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ Presents ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ★
★ ════ ☆ BlindBoink Parham
★ ════ ☆ 5:00pm grid time
★ ════ ☆ Craw Daddy's Juke Joint
★ ════ ☆ Map: Daddys
Hello Everyone! If you are free and want to have some fun
tonight, come join us at Craw Daddys!
════════━ ◂◄◀CRAW DADDYS▶►▸ ━════════
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ Presents ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ★
★ ════ ☆ DAN SINGS
★ ════ ☆ 4:00pm grid time
★ ════ ☆ Craw Daddy's Juke Joint
★ ════ ☆ Map: Daddys



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SamAdama 11 hours ago
TRUE HOUSE, CAP! High Five! You're BEST djay ever!
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Skully's already got the gang here, getting ready to celebrate Halloweeeen!
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The Best DJ action! The Only and One : DJChanel!
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Thank you Bibiana! I love your creations. :)
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Bonjour, guten tag, hello merci, danke, thank à tout le monde, fûr alles, all bisoux, kus, kiss
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Naaa, this isn't during any other grids "major fund-raising" event at all. Who would think such a thing........ahem
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Sam Adama thank you
SamAdama yesterday
It's unusual and creative!
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if you are running servers in windows here's one way to solve that.
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Very nice !
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