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free AO, full avatars, mesh, BoM, skins, shapes, hairs, photostudio, shoes, wears, tobacco smokes hachich, chocolates, food, hula hoops, animated drinks, champagne, balloons, birthdays, wedding cakes,...

Welcome back (Unknown)

#wolfterritoriesgrid #wolfgrid

More 10x10 testing. Only thing the terrain loads a bit slowly. #workingonit

Wouldn't it be great if as soon as you logged in you got a notice if a sim was down, starting, stopping, crashed, unknown, or UP ? Now you can! This amazing device reports the status of your sims to you in an instant message. This way you can know in advance if there is a problem, and fix it, without letting it drag on for days! It's hard to check every one of your regions several times a day, or to even know if they have a weird problem going on, this makes it easy! :) FREE! Now at Wizardry! In the little magic shop! :)
Flotilla Boat Parade in Kitely
Region: Coopersville
Sunday, June 11th

You're invited to create a float or just come to the flotilla parade in Coopersville in Kitely! Everyone in the hypergrid is welcome to build their own float. All themes are welcome, personal, business, educational, whatever you want to create is fine.

The line-up is at 2:15 pm grid time.
The parade starts at 2:30.
More Info:

Watch the flotilla: hop://
Line up for flotilla parade entries: hop://
DJ Ray's "Rock Outta the Box" at Hot Daddy's!! Tonight at 6:00PM!!
Region: Hot Daddys on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 6:00PM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
DJ Ray is at Hot Daddy's tonight!! His theme is "Rock Outta the Box"!! You've heard of pulling a rabbit out of the hat? Well, DJ Ray is gonna pull some of his favorite rock tunes outta the box!! This is sure to be a surprise package of some of the most awesome tunes you've ever heard! Let the wyld party commence!! Bayou Hot Daddys

Oneintwo: Come on down!!!! Ray always has fantastic tunes I have not heard in ages so it always brings back wonderful memories!! Thank you DJ Ray!!! 8 hours ago

Don't forget the Waves ride... If you like crazy speed chose the red car... red cars are always faster ahahahh ...

Visit the water side part and hidden islands of BIGBANK region....
The boat ride is ready to take you for the tour... Stop your AO, sit in the boat .... and "touch" for menu....

Still time party with us and listen to some great music
Howie is smashing it!
Your Ride:

Win 3000 PB$
region : It All Free
good luck

AviVerse is proud to invite you to the live concert of one of the best Italian singers, Kaya Dolphin!
In the beautiful location of "La Serenissima - Venice 3D" Kaya will give us some of the most beautiful songs in the history of international music!
It starts at 9:30PM AVT (AviVerse Time for our residents) - 12:30PM SLT!

N.B. not all viewers are allowed in aviverse, and please don't come with avatars with child or teenage likenesses, thank you.

List of viewers allowed :
- AviVerse Viewer (Latest version available on the site)
- BluEye64K-VR 11 ( BluEye Social site requires registration)
- Firestorm Viewer versions 6.5.3/6.5.6 /6.6.3/6.6.8
- Alchemy
- Cool VL Viewer

Testing 10x10 regions alongside 4x4s works really well, will be soon making available 10x10 regions.

Qui nel nostro shopping potrete trovare anche il reparto trucchi unghie e tattoo arredato in modo originale e molto colorato. Vi aspettiamo.
Here in our shopping you will also find the nail and tattoo make-up department decorated in an original and very colorful way. We are waiting for you.
Aquí en nuestro shopping también encontrarás el departamento de maquillaje de uñas y tatuajes decorado de forma original y muy colorida. Te estamos esperando.
Hier in unserem Shop finden Sie auch die Nagel- und Tattoo-Make-up-Abteilung, die originell und sehr farbenfroh dekoriert ist. Wir warten auf dich.

Adry: occhio ai copyright XD 17 hours ago

Heute Abend!
Schlager Oldies Discofox


Beginn 20 Uhr

C&C Worldwide mall releases for this week 05.June.2023

We proudly bring to you our Rustic Chic Edition!
Bedroom, Living Room and Indoor Garden Adult posed
and carefully selected decor Items.
Remember To wear your Peaceislands Group Tag!
TAXI : Worldwide Mall

C&C Worldwide Mall-Veröffentlichungen
für diese Woche 05.June.2023
Wir präsentieren euch stolz unsere Rustic Chic Edition!
Schlafzimmer, Wohnzimmer, und Wintergarten mit ab 18 Anims
und sorgfältig ausgewählte Dekorationsartikel.
Denkt daran, euere Peaceislands-Gruppe zu aktivieren!
TAXI: Worldwide Mall

LeLutka EvoX Eyeshadows - Sparkly BOM

Cockatiels paradise is always worth a visit... and updated regulary..

hop:// Shopping Fun/144/305/22

Guess what day it is? Sunday, well okay but what does Sunday mean? Sunday Funnies!! BS News by @Fred Beckhusen is hot off the press!

RemmyRavenhurst: I so get a good giggle reading this! :) yesterday
It's Halftime with DJ Kith's "Your Set Sunday" at Rockin' The Blues

DJ Kith's at Rockin' The Blues tonight & it's "Your Set Sunday"! This is your chance to choose the blues you want to hear! Give 2 or 3 of your fav Blues Tunes to your host & DJ Kith will spin them! So, make your list, pull on your dancin' shoes, and race on over to Wyldwood Bayou for a spectacular Sunday Blues Fest! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
these children everyone knows I did it I'm at a construction site in Astralia I wrote it only for personal use no resale everyone knows it and everyone respects the rules instead this grid newlife italy doesn't care about the rules and respect for the work of others .. too much comfortable so they take everything and put it on sale to attract people .. but the others know it anyway you make a bad impression ... you came here .... learn to do it yourself and remove my things

The Etheria Network: Its a wonderful family offering, I have several friends with virtual families and all this means a great deal to them :) Moving, fun babies and kids, amazing!! One note, some of the items - many act... yesterday
to visit and to take nice pics select the yellow bike .... for more fun and if you like speed, the red one ... or just try the 2 of them... ask you lover to sit at the back but dont be surprised if ..... she goes mad and looks fun..... ;-)

New fun rides for you .... 2 sits on each motorcycle

lots of new people in tonight.. Thank you every one

"Your Set Sunday" with DJ Kith at Rockin' The Blues!! Tonight at 6:00PM!!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 6:00PM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
One of our most popular sets is when YOU get to be the DJ! You already bring the you get to bring the music!! Bring your blues requests and dedications and DJ Kith will play them for you! Have an old favorite? A fresh new blues tune you heard somewhere? See if you can challenge this awesome DJ tonight! We will have the fun...the friendships that we are famous for, and you bring the music! Come on down to the Bayou and let's party! Bayou Rockin' The Blues


victorialogan: beautiful news, happy let me know that we will find you on friends grid. Safine, a wonderful person who is very supportive, always offering her help yesterday

"Seoul" - log1 - adult
Beanbag - adult

. MILA . Naina Skin [Exotic] GENUS

Pagane: Great slide show! I hope one day we will find and skins ... yesterday
Adult grid with open waters & Air, Copy your own OAR from website, Self Restarts & Rollbacks, Low cost land packages, Regional God powers, FREE HOMESTEADS, 2 FREE weeks on your first land purchase, A choice of many FREE pre-built regions you can have put on your land. A community grid filled with clubs, parks, beaches, Roleplay, Free Education, Arts, Performers & DJs Daily, Karaoke, Open Mic, Galleries, Clubs, Adult Getaways, Dinkies world, Game nights and countless places to explore & Enjoy! Join for free today - Own a region as low as 5$ USD monthly! WEBSITE

AbbiAshland: The website URL takes me to a page that said " Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource. Apache/2.4.56 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80" yesterday

Beginners guide to the Hypergrid

Luna Lunaria: Great help video for those just coming from SL and new to Opensim grids yesterday


I had a request for Green leaves with Gold, please find this set next to the Rose Gold set in the Wedding ring dept of the store. Thank you for your suggestions and continued support. It is the reason I love to create. Jewelry
Miss Munk will be spinning her wheels of steel at 2 pm grid time, at The Piazza!
Bring your headphones and get on down here and listen to nonstop beat matching and full spectrum sound!
Plug the link into your map and we'll see you there. Lagoon
There are 4 temples currently on Luxor, three of which are devoted to the great spiritual cycle represented by the goddess Isis, her husband Osiris, and their son Horus. The Great Pyramid is dedicated to Isis of course, the temple of Osiris is directly behind it, and this new build to the right of the pyramid is the temple of Horus. I'm the little spec at the top of the upper stairs. I haven't built the main temple on the new site yet, only the surrounding colonnades. Textures to come soon also.

If you visit Luxor and see me there, I'm usually working on the region and not camping out, so say hi. I love meeting new people and giving impromptu tours :-)

HG Address:

Summer has come to Trianon-World

Du hast kein Geld mehr zum Shoppen ?
Jetzt kannst Du Campen !
An jedem Landepunkt
25 Ks für 10 min Sitzen
oder Spiele in unserem Casino

You have no more money to shop?
Now you can camp!
At every landing point
25 Ks for 10 min sitting
or games in our casino

MidnightRain Glas: I would love to know how to buy $$$ to shop at your One slife shopping (without getting an Avatar there.... I keep asking and no answer... I have seen others there asking the same as me.... and to let... 2 days ago
This is a fun place that my friend Piglet and I put together! Yes it's a place for those who are young at heart and who just want to have fun! I have a little secret... there is more coming to these islands and its being planned out now! So come along, explore and let the pressures of RL disappear xD

Misty ♥

Summer's Sonnet wedding set-In the wedding ring dept. Jewelry

The community at Swingers Cove is growing, however we are still looking to fill a few FREE homes! Why not join up with others who enjoy the swinging lifestyle!

Swingers Cove is a part of the ever growing Dark♥'s Grid so there is plenty to offer here, PLUS we have a professionally hosted server looking after the grid so chances off us being offline are very slim! So come along and get your free home today!

Misty ♥
Sunday Blues Brunch with DJ Kith on the Bayou Belle!! Sunday Mornings at 9:00AM (SLT)!!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 9:00AM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
Get up, grab your breakfast and come on down to The Bayou Belle to chill with DJ Kith & The Tribe for coffee and relaxing blues!! DJ Kith may be a lousy cook but he's a fabulous blues DJ! He's got the blues that will both ease your troubles from the previous week, put a smile on your face and give you the motivation to head into the next! No better way to start your day than with a heaping helping of DJ Kith and some chill blues! See you there!! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
Benvenuti nel nostro Shopping qui troverete anche il reparto dedicato ai bambini con vestiti e accessori annessi venite a visitarlo!
Welcome to our Shopping here you will also find the department dedicated to children with related clothes and accessories come and visit it!
Bienvenido a nuestro Shopping aquí también encontrarás el departamento dedicado a los niños con ropa y complementos relacionados ¡ven a visitarlo!
Willkommen bei unserem Shopping. Hier finden Sie auch die Abteilung für Kinder mit passender Kleidung und Accessoires. Besuchen Sie sie!

Mariacazzetta: Esilarante :) evito di continuare questa spiacevolissima conversazione di bassissimo livello. Inutile rispondere a chi mente sapendo di mentire. Tante care cose 2 days ago

new Tattoo Bom
3 Tones

Forest Azure @ Jazzland on Immersive I Sunday 6/4/230 @ 2:00 SLT

Thirza Ember: unmissable! 2 days ago
Our Summer region on the Wolf Territories Grid is now up. There are a few little boardwalk shops and an amusement park and a lot of places to cuddle and hang out. Also there are free rentals. This is an adult region.
We have just added another region to our free homes hub. The summer region is now up and has some nice houses for free rental along the boardwalk.
If you are from a grid other than Wolf Territories it may take some time for us to get the group invite to you after you choose a free home because we have to give you the invite in person. So please be patient while we take time to connect. :)

Got some new furniture in the furniture store today..... Egypt living room Bedroom and artifacts, New Offices and corners offices , Africa sitting room music romantic room and more.

One of Opensimulator's Longest continually running Dance Parties! 10 years and counting!! LIVE DJ and Dancing!! Music from the 60's to current day!

Tonight at 8pm Pacific!


Still not sure what this is yet lol :)

Misty_Falls: Looks kewl.... Great addition for a Satanic SIM... Now where did that sacrifice run off too... Rofl 2 days ago
Live from Rockin' The Blues! It's Saturday Night with DJ Kith! 7:30PM Grid Time!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 7:30PM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
Blues man DJ Kith continues our Saturday Night Blues Party!! DJ Kith is gonna ROCK OUR HOUSE with the most exciting blues anywhere!! Kith's sets are guaranteed to be fresh and full of surprises, so if you like your blues with an edge... Grab a friend and hop the first gator down to Rockin' the Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid! This party will be full of fun, friendship and awesome blues tunes! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
DJ Riker Starts the Saturday Night Blues Party at Rockin' The Blues!! 6:00PM (SLT)! (Pre-Set at 5:30PM)!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 6:00PM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
That bad boy of the blues, DJ Riker, is locked and loaded and ready to bring you incredible blues tunes...always something new and exciting! DJ Riker spins the most awesome Blues, Blues Rock, and Electric Blues ever! Plus his signature "Original and the Cover"--one our favorites! Get ready to rock the blues with this Blues DJ and his rockin' host Jillian!! You're gonna love it! Bayou Rockin' The Blues

The Box
KrisTina 10 hours ago
It's so Non-Exclusive that it's "Exclusive"
Destiny257Seranade 10 hours ago
The following was posted nine days ago folks! Watch this chat everyday! LaviaLavine✦ 9 days ago I've spoken with R.Lion and all I had to do was send him my profile key and he put me on the allowed list to shop there. He has his reasons for such tight security and I don't think he's wrong.
KatKakoola yesterday
Close your eyes, click your heels together and repeat "There's no place like home" 37 times :)
KrisTina yesterday
Don't know the handshake?
OpenSimUser yesterday
there is no list
Mistressdalgato 2 days ago
so how to does one get on the list for ipleasure region?
MorningGlory 5 days ago
Opening party at ZEE Lounge 😍 at 12 noon OS
Pagane 6 days ago
@GarryB lol.... do you buy ddns dns server? Or only change domain name?
GarryBeaumont 6 days ago
I've changed my .dns
MorningGlory 7 days ago
ZEE Lounge now !! If you can dance .. Show me!
Thirza Ember 7 days ago
@JimmyOlsen wow good news!
CyberGlo CyberStar 8 days ago
blender class with Mike Lorrey on kitely / space force region
Verna Avril 9 days ago
party in LBSA Aussie has the Stream
Verna Avril 9 days ago
Aussie takes the stream in LBSA
Jimmy Olsen 9 days ago
*** ALFHEIM SIM PROFILE OFFLINE *** SIM is a 10x10 VAR region now so need do a lot of terraforming and then scripting back the train, cars, boats etc... Beacon is deactivated but SIM will remain always opened. If coming, don`t mind the dust :)
CyberGlo CyberStar 9 days ago
South Carolina BBQ dipping sauce: 2 cups apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp brown sugar, 1 tsp onion powder, 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp black pepper, 1 tbsp redpepper flakes. Bring to boil, let cool and enjoy! A delicious southern staple in the carolina mountains!
CyberGlo CyberStar 9 days ago
basting with south carolina bbq sauce, a delicious homemade sauce you can make right in your own home! I am also making baked beans, potato salad, Texas toast, Splenda sweet iced tea, pecan pie, and pickle spears!!! Gotta get up early in the morning and get the fire in the offset smoker going !!!
CyberGlo CyberStar 9 days ago
So good to see everyone having a great time! In the United States a holiday is coming monday, called Memorial day. So I have been chopping wood for the smoker, and bought a boston butt, some chicken legs, and boneless ribs to put on the smoker. I'll be smoking with kiln dried hickory wood and
KrisTina 9 days ago
stand on one toe, hold you mouth right, also the handshake.
KrisTina 9 days ago
Have to know the R. Lion handshake.
LaviaLavine 10 days ago
@EnnyGmatic - try looking for iPleasure
EnnyGmatic 10 days ago
and I can't find the name "R.Lion is any search too"
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New Comments

Oneintwo 8 hours ago
Come on down!!!! Ray always has fantastic tunes I have not heard in ages so it always brings back wonderful memories!! Thank you DJ Ray!!!
Adry 17 hours ago
occhio ai copyright XD
IssaBellaDiamond 18 hours ago
Fell in Love♥ They even have for the Reborn body!! Tones of landscaping!! Bravo to all that made it possible for us♥
RemmyRavenhurst yesterday
I so get a good giggle reading this! :)
The Etheria Network yesterday
Its a wonderful family offering, I have several friends with virtual families and all this means a great deal to them :) Moving, fun babies and kids, amazing!! One note, some of the items - many act...
Passion Jumanji yesterday
AMV is the only grid that has many powerful resources, open-minded people, a truly family like atmosphere. AMV has the most caring, heartwarming, loving, honest to goodness grid owners, Cat & Cliff, t...
victorialogan yesterday
beautiful news, happy let me know that we will find you on friends grid. Safine, a wonderful person who is very supportive, always offering her help
Pagane yesterday
Great slide show! I hope one day we will find and skins ...
AbbiAshland yesterday
The website URL takes me to a page that said " Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource. Apache/2.4.56 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80"


This place is great! I really felt like I was on an alien planet exploring a secret extraterrestrial lab! The doors are clickable, some rooms have a surprise when you enter! The entire landscape is...
CyberGlo CyberStar 7 hours ago
The Keys
What a great time I had today, riding my purple motorcycle on Highway 1 through the Florida Keys. A perfect replica of the real-life highway with lots of places to stop along the way and explore. We...
Morgant 9 hours ago
Konoha Island
offers many things from Offworld that are original non-transfer
Genie Fegte 14 hours ago
The Playground Mall
Great Place for all your needs! Thank you!
IssaBellaDiamond 18 hours ago
Carpe Noctem
Sehr schöne Regionen mit ganz tollen und liebevoll gestalteten Orten zum besuchen und Vielem zum Mitnehmen. Auch der Shop ist toll. Danke an die Sim-Ownerin :)
AnaKathy 18 hours ago
Onelife - Shopping
Ellefisch its Fixed . Prim its not Show
Noah Wolf 19 hours ago
Très jolie sim ca donne envie de se poser...
Celeste2022 23 hours ago
Konoha Island
This place has a treasure trove of items to find. Enjoyed wandering around and actually finding what i needed!
RemmyRavenhurst yesterday
Shasiya's Hucow system
don't quite get the point behind this thing.... cows milk ok but women breasts.......
Susanna_Heller yesterday

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