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Let's clear things up.
This is OpenSIM World here, there are written rules and they unequivocally prohibit any form of bots that change the number of real avatars reported by the beacon. It doesn't matter if you're modifying beacon or bot code, or bringing in avatars that have been asleep for weeks using a text client, or multiple windows, or…
Today, 13/03/2023, this is rules.

No amount of tantrums, threats or drama can change the fact of breaking the OpenSIM World rules.
If someone does not like the rules, they can choose from the following options:
1. He wags his tail and leaves like a beaten dog.
2. Start a CIVILIZED discussion about changing the rules, introducing paid bots or promotions or whatever you want to suggest. If the idea is good Satyr might like it and change the rules.
3. You continue to act like village tariqats, lie, threaten to present yourself as special and super worthless.... and naturally you will be reported and blocked.

Everything else is mindless hysteria and is curable, but not here!
The choice is yours....

The topic is about the rules. All offtopic will be deleted from this post!
Sorry for bad englis.