Come visit us at Metaverse University and see what's going on! Lots of classes happening this month:

Basic Building with John Kalverwitz:
Learn basic building and prim manipulation.

Basic Scripting with Rubyleaf Dryke:
Get a solid footing with the basics - learn how scripts work and how to create them.

Beginning Inworld Photography, and Photography 101, with Gray Delwood:
Beginning Photography will get you familiar with the inworld tools, and Photography 101 will teach you to take better pictures in world with tips on windlights, composition, backgrounds, AOs & pose balls, and basic editing.

Building a Texture HUD with Phantazia Serendipity:
Learn to create a working HUD that can be used for clothing and any other prims. Scripts will be provided by instructor.

Introduction to, and Advanced Texturing with, with Emmalena Damour:
Learn to use the free graphics program Paint ( The Advanced texturing class will focus on techniques such as making thread stitching and bindings for clothing and other items, creating shadows and highlights, etc.

Scripting Beyond Basics with Roxanne Dangerous:
Everyone likes to see their cars go, their boat sail, or their planes fly - learn the basics of getting it to go!

WHO are WE? Light Reflection on our RL personalities, with Gray Delwood:
A fun and open discussion about the personalities behind the avatars that will include exploration of the MBTI (Myers/BrIggs Type IndIcator) and questions like why we enjoy virtual life.