Check out October's schedule at Metaverse University!

We are lucky to have a lot of great volunteers in DigiWorldz, and they're bringing you another month packed full of awesome free classes at MVU! Come learn to build, texture, script, animate, use Blender, and photograph the cool stuff you make. And if you're not sure what to work on next, we've got a class for that, too!

Basic Building with John Kalverwitz:
Learn basic building and prim manipulation (continuing session from last month).

Basic Scripting with Rubyleaf Dryke:
Get a solid footing with the basics - learn how scripts work and how to create them.

Beginner Blender 3D Modeling with Mike Lorrey:
For absolute beginners, learn your way around the Blender application, the tools, key combos, etc. You will learn to make a mesh object in Blender, modify it, create materials, assign parts of the mesh to them, UV mapping, and exporting for OS use.

Beginning Inworld Photography with Gray Delwood:
Beginning Photography will get you familiar with the inworld tools. Learn how to use your viewer camera and snapshot tools, save photos to your inventory, and more.

Creativity–What Do I Build Next? with Don Smith:
A fun class to help folks discover creative ideas! This class will help you figure out what to build and/or script next!

Making Clothing Alpha Layers with Emmalena Damour:
Learn the easiest and most accurate way to make alpha layers, using and the SLUV templates from Robin Woods. See classroom for further details.

nPose Animation with Howard Braxton:
Learn the ins and outs of animating your virtual life with nPose, the best low-lag Swiss Army Knife of animation engines!


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