Get ready for fall with some classes at Metaverse University ! Improve your business skills, fly virtual planes, learn to build in prim and mesh, and expand your horizons with sound effects!

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– Using VirTec Vendors
Improve your product presentation and sales using professional VirTec product vendors (free to all Digizens)! Learn how to choose the vendor you need (mesh or prim, size, etc.), how to set them up in your store, set up web access, and more. Instructor: Emmalena Damour.

– Blenderful Blunderful Class with Noxie
Easy-to-follow lessons in making mesh in Blender. Classes include a video followed by time for in-depth discussion and questions.

– Create and Use Inworld Sound Effects
Sound effects can enhance your builds and environments! Sound and music designer Lorin Tone teaches you to create and implement inworld sounds. Free, full-perm sound effect scripts provided, with detailed notes and screenshots.

– EZ Prim Builders—Home Builders Summer Surprise!
For the summer classes we're learning to make quick-building prim items for your home. Each class we create something cool, BUT—it's a SURPRISE! You have to attend class to find out what we will be making. :) Instructor: Tari Tari.

– Fly the Virtual Skies!
An exciting class is taught by experienced Kea pilots! Learn how to use virtual plane controls, take off and land, deal with region border crossings, and more. Best of all, learn to use the new KNVV Aviator Series aircraft! Planes are provided for lessons. Meet at the MVU Hangar at Kea Southern Airfield, Chickasaw region.

==> Visit the MVU Calendar online for class details at