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Did you know?

The XVII century bubonic plague that wiped 1/3 of the population of Europe was a horrendous time for doctors, who at the time believed in the miasma theory: They thought that the air contained some substance that carried diseases.

To prevent contagium they used these long beaked masks, it's purpose was to isolate the doctor from the miasma and to help with the odour from the bodies he had to work with, for that reason they used the beak to store aromatic herbs, some sort of Vic vapour rub, nightmare version.

Of course in time the masks lost part of it's dark reputation and today is part of costumes and alternative fashions.

My mask is a single mesh piece, not rigged, so you can resize it to adapt it perfectly to your own avatar. (Top hat not included, that one comes with the Monowheel, so get that if you want to wear the combo in the picture).

Happy Tuesday!