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Good Morning everyone, I want to share a little bit of news with you.

friends-grid is up and running and so far the oar transfer looks great!!! We have not added all the additional regions yet.......but we got friends moved!

there is a welcome island thing where you land at first...I am trying to bypass that...but will let you know.
I will try to share the new location with you soon, I am just trying to let them get a few more things done first. I may be here in my afternoon today like I was yesterday

We worked on this until late last night, but I just got up and tried to log in on the new avi I made for myself. I got logged in, but not as a noobie......I am logged in and saw I was wearing my same body, hair skin and outfit that I wore yesterday on my aviworlds avi. The iar worked perfectly!!!!!! I do not have to make a new body! For Lily and reggie with aviworlds accounts; if you want to make a friends-grid account...this is huge!

I am super excited.......more news soon!