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Flat Earth Group (FEG)

Did everyone fall off the flat earth. No activity here for like ever. Come on... say something funny and/or true, people. lol

Greetings, my SHOUTcast server has two(2) streams now. See them here:

A person can either listen to the "No More Sleepless Nights" Audiobook (with a few ALOtones™ in between) or listen to my main stream. To listen to the audio book from a media player, or your Region/Parcel on Firestorm, copy the link above, then paste into your preferred media player or Firestorm. To listen to my main stream, copy this [link]( and then paste into your preferred media player or Firestorm.
Playing the [main URL]( will default to Stream No. 1.

Thank you, Shalom.

hop:// |

P.S. I fixed that issue of not being able to TP to my regions a few days ago, it's just something that has to be re-done every time Win-Acme renews the Cert, and I had forgotten about it.

Did you see?
There is a Region named 'Flat Earth' in the OSGrid!
I want to visit... but it don't work for me...

I found this on the web. And everything that is on the web is true and correct. Or not?

I like to walk on a flat earth and I always make sure I don't fall off the edges.

If the earth were truly flat, wouldn't cats have pushed everything off it by now?

"Are you referring to the fact that you can't walk across a flat, stable surface without finding something to trip over? " -- Edward Cullen

Flat Earth Group (FEG)
What do you think?
Are we living on a flat earth like Opensim?
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Created 1 years ago by Antonia Ling

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thedeeferry 3 months ago
I say True! Whispers, Ask my cats. They say if I do not say True, they will eat my liver. Yikes! There goes another collectible on the floor! Play nice kitty kitty kitty...