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Another great OAR! This is a greedy island OAR greedy table and the score board. also includes an unfurnished house.

Download it here,,,!AufcO5QeIAWS81iRJLF0X2cQppFq?e=HEaHlf

Federalist Mansion OAR
FREE to download!!AufcO5QeIAWS80go6ElGiUlNSju8?e=yfzfD5

I have a Full Farm Oar FREE to download!
This farm was done by a good friend, it is based on satyr farms and using the script except its RB Farm instead.
All Items were found through out the opensim and free I don't claim the objects created by me. My friend gave me the farm Free to use and give copies to those who want to use. Fully furnished! There is also 2 free boxes filled with farm freebies. If you don't want to use the RB Farm objects just delete them and use satyr farms :-) Enjoy!
The farm is working just like satyr farms, if you use other satyr farms with this farm you will need a script change and I will do the change free!!AufcO5QeIAWS80F4MH5c2koPNYkQ?e=nh7nes
I will be doing Oars and adding them here FREE to download.
Please leave a kind review and like Thanks!
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Created 8 months ago by Charlene McNally

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