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** Urgent Gadget Recall **
Gadget: Covert Security System v 1.06.311
Issue: Can cause teleports to fail to region(s) you defined with incorrect uri
Example: If you want security to teleport intruders to region: and in err enter missing grid. in this example, ANYONE trying to teleport to region will fail due to the robust server reproting the following.
Verifying grid against
Unable to verify identity of agent Irish Whiskey. Refusing service
This is due to an error you/admin give to teh security system.

FIX: Delete security and restart region or reenter uri into security. restart region. If that fails, restart region and robust.
I prefer you destroy all copies of the security system and wait for me to create a fixed version. I'll report this to opensim dev team as this is a great way for a griefer to hijack a region.

Why is this happening? When you enter a URI the security system requests SIMULATOR DATA with a DATA_SIM_STATUS. No matter what uri you provide, as long as the uri reaches a grid the robust response will be given if region matches. This causes robust to LINK to the region even though the uri is incorrect BUT this will leed to Unable to verify identity of agent USER NAME. Refusing service resulting in no-one able to teleport to region from the region the security is located. Hence, I would say this is a opensim BUg issue. The robust should check uri matches grid uri and reject the request if not a match when a script performs DATA_SIM_STATUS or better still NOT perform an automated Hyperlink to a region when a DATA_SIM_STATUS request is made.