Hi everyone, today I want to tell you about a great resource we have here in DigiWorldz that you may not be aware of—Rubyleaf Dryke! Ruby has been teaching scripting twice a week, every week, almost since we opened our doors at Metaverse University. Come rain or shine—students or no—Ruby has been making herself available to help people learn to script. Whether you want to learn it in depth, or just learn to "tweak" existing scripts, Ruby can help!

If you are new to virtual, you may not realize how useful a working knowledge of scripting can be. If you are here just to have fun, not to build, you may think learning to script is not for you. But there are so many ways it can come in handy! Make those lamps you bought turn on and off with a click! Make that door slide instead of swing! Change textures on your furniture or landscaping with a click! Change your parcel radio station with a click instead of having to go through menus and panels! Scripting can simplify and expand your virtual life!

On Tuesdays Ruby teaches a regular class in basic scripting, 4 sessions that start over each month. On Thursday she hosts "open scripting," which is a great time to bring her your questions, your projects, your scripting conundrums. I really hope that you'll come visit, meet Ruby, and learn how scripting can help you! wc.digiworldz.com/UCalendar....


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