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– Basic Scripting:
Get a solid footing with the basics - learn how scripts work and how to create them. Regular class on Tuesdays, with open class on Thursdays (feel free to drop in with your questions or projects!) Instructor: Rubyleaf Dryke.

– Texturing—Shadows, Highlights, Wrinkles:
Learn some basics of making shadows, highlights, and wrinkles on fabric for clothing, cushions, or upholstered furniture. You will learn techniques for making thicker and thinner shadows and highlights, and how to blend shadows and highlights to make wrinkles.This class is taught with graphics program. Tuesday, September 11th. Instructor: Emmalena Damour.

– Making System Clothing:
This 90-minute beginner class will teach you how to make textures for a system shirt and how to upload and use them. This class is taught with graphics program. Tuesday, September 25th. Instructor: Emmalena Damour.

– Making Making Alpha Textures and Alpha Masks:
Learn to make clothing alpha layers and masks using the SLUV templates from Robin Woods. This class is taught with graphics program. Tuesday, September 18th. Instructor: Emmalena Damour.

– Basic Terraforming Training Class:
Learn to terraform and manage your land, including how to create parcels. Hands-on experience! Fridays at 2pm. Instructor: Damon Zuiden.

– Blenderful Blunderful Class with Noxie:
Easy-to-follow lessons in making mesh in Blender. Classes include a video followed by time for in-depth discussion and questions. Wedensdays at Noon and 6pm. Instructor: Noxluna Nightfire.

– Event Hosting Basics:
Get training for being an event host! Learn how to send notices, use radar to greet guests ASAP, make and use gestures, invite people to the group, and much more! Twice a month (every other Monday). Instructor: Kadija Panthar.

**All times grid-time. Please feel free to contact me or any of the instructors if you have questions!