We've got a jam-packed schedule at Metaverse University (MVU) this month! Scripting, texturing, Blender, nPose, learning to fly, and both Spanish and English lessons are at your fingertips - come check us out!

==> Visit the MVU Calendar online for class details at http://wc.digiworldz.com/UCalendar.php

– Scripting with Rubyleaf Dryke:
Get a solid footing with the basics - learn how scripts work and how to create them. Regular class on Tuesdays, with open class on Thursdays (feel free to drop in with your questions or projects!)

– Using the Ruth Mesh Body with Emmalena Damour:
Learn to use the Ruth mesh body, Alpha HUD, Skin HUD and optional clothing layers and appliers. A hands-on lesson in using HUDs, adding textures, and creating your own appliers!

– Blenderful Blunderful Class with Noxie:
Easy-to-follow lessons in making mesh in Blender. Classes include a video followed by time for in-depth discussion and questions. Wedensdays at Noon and 6pm. Instructor: Noxluna Nightfire.

- Creating a Texture and Texturing a Mesh Clothing Item with Emmalena Damour:
Learn to make your own textures for your mesh clothing! Mesh clothing item will be provided in class.

- Spanish for English Speakers with Prissy Amelia:
Learn basic conversational Spanish skills—how to greet, meet, introduce yourself, and express everyday useful ideas! Workshops are offered 3 days a week.

- Conversacion en Ingles para Latinos // Conversational English for Latinos, con Prissy Amelia:
Practice basic conversational English skills—how to greet, meet, introduce yourself, and express everyday useful ideas. Weekly workshops!

- nPose Animation with Howard Baxton:
Learn the ins and outs of animating your virtual life with nPose, the best low-lag Swiss Army Knife of animation engines!

- Fly the Virtual Skies with Laura Mocha:
An exciting new class taught by pilot Laura Mocha, member of the premier virtual aerobatic team, the DOR Angels! Learn how to use virtual plane controls, how to take off and land, how to deal with region border crossings, and more.