Greets everyone, have some news to share! First off, at the request of some of the grid's residents, the space station is staying where it is(something about it being a unique starting point). The screening room and arcade are also finished for the time being as is the warehouse freebie shop located on the 6th floor. My workshop is on the last floor and for those that want to visit while I work may do so. I've also done away with all the starter avatars on grid account creation and will replace with a generic outfit. This is so resident numbers aren't reported incorrectly and those that HG may bring them back to their own grid. I've also suspended all payments so grid residents will receive a free 9,000m2 parcel with 15,000 prims. If they choose to, they may rent a full 65,536m2 region with 60,000 prims for $10usd/mo or donate to the kiosk. Either way land stays free.

That being said, I am always looking at bringing Furs and Nekos and others here that want a peaceful no drama community where everyone gets along, no one pre-judges anyone, and actions speak louder then words. The space station does have a club on it however it needs a DJ and stream. I'm also looking for a scripter to help put together an in-world terminal for account creation/management so that the website isn't relied on so much.

I thank everyone who's stopped by the valleys thus far and those that have come over from OSGrid with me, it means alot.