Morning everyone, how're we doing? I know no one's been around the valleys or up on white wolf in a while, I've been online and offline a lot dealing with stuff and helping an artist friend with her stuff. I've thought more and more lately of wanting to set up a smart npc that's highly interactive with visitors but to a degree I also feel that's faking it which is wrong. There's a lot of things I need to do with Dragon Valley still that should be done this week sometime(include finishing off the memorial wall and giving a renter the boot since they haven't been online/responsive in a month).

At one time I use to think the thing that would keep folks together in Open Sim would've been community - standing or sitting around talking like they do at Lbsa Plaza but I guess that sort of thinking bores people so they either leave altogether or go back to SL, both of which sadden me. I know I'm no saint with how I do things but I'll also write it how I see it.

Stay Frosty, Logan