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ELVEN HUD version 20 released!!!
If you are an elf you need this hud! :) Recently updated, and many bug fixes.
The hud collapses to a small trifoil button which when clicked expands the buttons of the hud. What the buttons do:
1) Teleport - presents a menu to tp you to anyone in a sim.
2) Spy - presents you menu to zoom in on anyone on your sim.
3) Scrying - rezzes a green ball that you click. This ball has several menus. It is used for finding things. You click the ball and select the type of items you are looking for, such as agents, active, scripted prims, passive prims. Then it shows you a list of all such items near you. Then you click select and click an item in the menu. The ball shoots out a greenish stream of light to point to the item. Great for finding lost tiny things that you can't see.
4) Invisible - Turn off your ao and click invisible and you sink below the ground, seemingly disappearing from view. To return to view just click the round TRI-Foil button. Note clicking the round trifoil button ends most spells.
5) Sanctuary - This rezzes a lovely fantasy elven pavillion created by cat of alternate metaverse grid. Then... It tp's you to the top of your own ivory tower, giving you a view of the lands. To get rid of it when you're done, just click the trifoil button and the entire tower vanishes magically. You can also invite friends to sit at the top of the tower with you and contemplate the meaning of the forest. :)
6) Shield - This just rezzes a simple shield that will ask if it can attach to your avatar. To end this shield simply click the trifoil button. :)
7) Speed - This increases your walking, running, and flying speed by 3x the normal values. So you can zoom across your land at the speed of a wood elf. :) To stop and return to normal speed just click the speed button again. It will tell you in local chat your speed is returned to normal.
8) Attack - If you are on a land where you can rez, this will present a menu of people nearby. If you select a name, blue light will shoot from your hand and zoom to that person. The person will be caught up in a whirlwind of bluefire, and as they try to walk they will be lifted higher and higher off the sim. To end this magic effect just click the trifoil button.
~ Note ~ This is the only magic hud that is currently working due to recent changes in the scripting engine. I will go through the other huds eventually and update them to work again. Starting with the ones people request. Those huds are: wizard hud, witch hud, fairy hud, vampire hud.
Note: The radar hud and the multisim status reporter hud have been updated as of today to work with the current sim changes. All 3 huds ( elven hud, radar hud, and multisim status report hud ), are all available at wizardry.
Please enjoy and have fun.