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We collectively raised $206 for charity with $108 going to UNICEF as 36 visitors attended out charity event! We decided to triple our donation for such a great turnout. Attendees at the event pitched in another $98 towards charities. Thanks to Posy Potts, Mathilda Stark, Niki Stark and Edison Rex!

If you can, please continue to support a charity of your choice or donate to one of these. Thank you all so much for this great event and the donations!

Here is the original post:


To celebrate World Peace Day we are holding a charity event on the 21st of September. You can visit the events region during that day and find some links to charities if you wish to donate and for every visitor during that day we will donate $1 to UNICEF.

Later that day at 10am grid time we will kick off a little event for everyone with your favorite DJs.

10am - Hazel Ito QUIRKY ECLECTIC
noon - Mattie Stark LIVE!
and at 2pm Vincent Sylvester will just play music until you keel over....