Merchant spots are starting to fill for the upcoming OpensimFest2020 this August 28th - 30th, and as a fellow opensim merchant, I want to extend a personal invitation for you to participate in OpensimFest by showcasing your products on a special region just for merchants. Our aim is to celebrate and showcase the incredible imagination and creativity of the entire Opensim community, and we feel merchants play a vital role.

Last year was the first year for Opensimfest as the successor to the AvatarFest of previous years, and the festival was a great success for non-commercial exhibitors and performers, lasting over three days, with exhibits open for the entire month. This year we are recognizing original opensim creators who already offer their products across the hypergrid.

Here are some of the advantages of participation:

You will be able to use your main hypergrid avatar to create and/or stock your store

You will be able to sell your products for Gloebits, which will be the standard currency for the region. All proceeds will be yours to keep, and no additional fees for the region or grid will be assessed to you or your customers.

You may also offer part or all of your products for free as long as you are the original creator of all products being offered for sale or for free.

You will have 26 plots to choose from on a large 3x3 varregion. Three plot sizes are available: 950 square meters with a 500 prim allowance, 2500 square meters with a 750 prim allowance, and large 7000 square meter plots with a 1000 prim allowance. There is no requirement to follow the festival theme with your product offerings.

You can choose a Prefab store sized for your plot that will not count against your prim allowance, or you may construct your own display area.

All of your builds will be your sole property and will not be copied, modified, or taken for any reason. A daily OAR will be created each day for grid maintenance, but at the end of March, all builds, backups, and OARs will be permanently deleted.

You can have a sign in your store that directs visitors to your main stores, web sites, and social media.

You will have access to your region as soon as you register on the festival website and confirm your plot selection with me by email at luna@opensimfest.org, or by delivering a notecard to Luna Lunaria on Ourgrid Life, Osgrid, Kitely, or Digiworldz.

You can register now by going here: https://web.opensimfest.org/taking-part

Thank you taking the time to listen, and I sincerely look forward to seeing your store represented at the festival this August.
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