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Great news!! Hypergrid Casino now runs with hypergrid-wide Podex coins, enabled for ALL OpenSim members !
This means you don't need to make a new account to play! Just TP to the casino with the HG link and you can start playing with your HG Podex coins.
Your Podex coins are also availabe for you in all OpenSim grids ! Finally, we can call Hypergrid Casino a real hypergrid casino :D

Oh, one more thing. Picture is showing you a sneak-peak of what is coming soon: multiplayer Texas Hold'em Poker! We are currently developing a poker table for up to 10 players, complete with all features you expect, with a very secure and hackproof HUD.
Soon you will be able to have exciting pokernights with friends and strangers from all over the hypergrid. We are planning to enable voice for that, so that could be fun.

Oh, just one more thing: if you already want to play with your friends at the casino, come check out our Multiplayer Roulette table up to 6 players !