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This 3D virtual world is a wonderful place for fun and fantasy. But the reality of non-virtual life can not long be ignored. In OS, I create a new outfit for myself every day, and offer many of them in my shop. But what of the non-virtual world?

At it's best, fashion is an art form, a thing of beauty. But all of this beauty is built on top of the ugliness of environmental degradation.

The United Nations says the fashion industry is "widely believed to be the second-most polluting industry in the world", just behind the oil industry.

It accounts for more than 20% of wastewater globally, the UN says. About 93bn cubic metres of water - enough for five million people to survive - is used by the fashion industry every year.

As for carbon emissions, the industry is responsible for about 8% of the total worldwide. That's more than all international flights and shipping combined, the UN says.

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has condemned the fashion industry over its "huge" contribution to climate change.

It is said that awareness without action leads to anxiety. So, now, knowing all this, here are actions we can take, for our own well-being, mental, physical, and emotional, and for the well-being of our non-virtual world:

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