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Oh my! My recent post about the next Xinashi event was featured on the Hypergrid Business website. What's the event? It's the "oh Hello" Outfit Challenge at noon, Open Sim Time, on Wednesday, August 25.

Each month we have a display at oh HELLO in our Challenge Shop of a dress, skirt, pants, and shorts. Take a copy of any of these items and make use of it in an outfit you assemble. Then come to the oh HELLO Outfit Challenge event to show it off. It's a fun, friendly and social event focused on helping each of us look our best. Even if you don't plan to be part of the challenge, come see and get a copy of the outfits others have made. But if you accept the challenge, your outfit may end up on display for a month in our shops and then included in the main collection. Come early to get the best seats for the show!