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Bad Event Ideas

Bad Event Idea- Voice chat party during a scheduled set with a live Dj or musician!
Fun! Make the DJ feel as important as background noise by loudly talking on local chat to each other- especially when the DJ is making announcements This is guaranteed to make the DJ feel annoyed at best, and your guests with social skills will surely cringe and likely forget to send you an invite to the next party. Hardy har har har.

Jamie Wright: Did this happen somewhere recently? 20 days ago
Bad Event Idea #462: Best At Singing Your Grids TOS
Terms of Services. Do you ever read them? At the "Best At Rapping Your Grids TOS," you will not only read them, but you'll sing them in the music style of your choosing. Rap, Opera, Folk, Folk Opera Rap... Use your imagination.

Why is this a bad event idea? First: TOS. Second: Rap, Opera, Folk singing

A contest to see who can abstain from commenting on the Box Flame Wars the longest. We may need to duct tape our

Bad Event Idea #67: Best In Running With Scissors
My mom said: "Don't run with scissors! You will poke your eye out!" I said, "Lady, I've got places to go and stuff to cut." Now, the place to go is the Best In Running With Scissors event.

The winner will be the person who:
1. Avoids poking their own eyes out, and
2. Is best at poking other people's eyes out.

Sharpen those scissors, people, and get ready to run!

Bad Event Idea:
Best display-of-unique-personalities-that-later-get-exposed-as-alts-of-the-same-person-awards ceremony.
Toast , roast and boast ,with, to, and about your selves. May the best man/woman/people/ win! The finale will be a shocking reveal! Which judge on the panel is actually everyone at the party? Find out when you attend this very bad idea for an event.

Nico Kalani: You stole my idea! I was going to call it Best in Alts. I like your shocking reveal idea! And the picture is perfect. Thanks for posting. 6 months ago
Bad Event Idea #34: Best in Bouncing on The Couch.
Find an interesting couch. Add "bouncing on the couch" animations. Bring the couch to the event and, well, bounce on your couch.

If you can't find "bouncing on the couch" animations, find an animation with a bouncing theme, like "bouncing on the ground after falling from a great height." Or just show up looking like this guy. People will want to bounce on you, making you the instant winner!

Bad Event Idea #210: "Best in Complexity."

Bad Event Idea #35: Best In Babel
Phem kev tshwm sim lub tswv yim #35: zoo nyob rau hauv Babel

Siv Google Translate hloov koj cov lus rau hauv ib hom lus obscure thiab sib txuas lus siv cov nqe lus thaum cov kev tshwm sim.

Bad Event Idea #35: Best In Babel
Use Google Translate to change your words into an obscure language and communicate using only those phrases during the event.

Bad Event Idea #351 "Best in Standing Around the Landing Zone".
The closest and creepiest AV wins an attachment that makes them the landing zone in any region they are in

Bad Event Idea #37: Best In Worst Sounds
Contestants must wear an attachment that continuously plays sounds of animals, insects, instruments, and people, like heavy breathing, snoring, sneezing, and screaming in agony because of too many sounds...

The winner is the person with sounds that most irritate people -- if there are any left at the end of the event.
Bad Event Idea #35: Best In Mug Shots
1. Turn yourself into law enforcement as a distributor, user or importer of copybot items.
2. Get arrested
3. Get a mug shot.
4. Use it as your profile picture.
5. Enter the "Best In Mug Shots" contest.

May the best mug win!
Bad Event Idea #18: Best In "Who You Hate On OSW And Why."
Come dance and rant about who you hate on OSW and why. The most hateful person at the event wins...something.

DJ Regurge will entertain with the most hated songs from bands like Bucket of Bile, Homicidal Retribution, and Wank For Peace.

Extra credit bonus points if the person you hate is at the event.
Bad Event Idea #1015: Best At Being Late To The Party
Showing up on time for a party can be awkward for the unprepared host, who generally expects guests to be "fashionably late". But worst of all is the guest who shows up raring to go just when the party is winding down. But being late to the "Best At Being Late To The Party" event is rewarded...maybe. Actually, the prize will go to some random person in OS who didn't show up at the party at all! What could be later than that!
Bad Event Idea #31: Best In Bad Halloween Pickup Lines
Halloween is a festival of flirtation and seduction. The Sexy Crash Test Dummy. The Sexy Chia Pet. The Sexy Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Sexy Illiterate Squirel. They all attract the attention of hopefuls looking for a Halloween hook-up. Critical to the effort: a pick-up line.

The "Best In Bad Halloween Pickup Lines" event is simple. People enter the contest and use their Halloween-themed pick-up line. The targets vote for the person with the most crude, cringe-worthy, corny, and un-cute Halloween pickup line. The prize: a night with a Zombie NPC sexbot.

Bad Halloween pick-up line starter kit:

Skeleton: "Did you know there are 206 bones in the human body? Would you mind one more?"

Witch: "Don't worry, those warts on my face aren't anywhere else."

"Are you dressed up as a tree? Cause you’re giving me wood."

"Girl, you make my crotch rise from the dead."

"Mmm baby! You’re decomposing in ALL the right places!"

Bad Event Idea Inc.: Bringing bad event ideas to OS since 1392.
Bad Event Idea #67: The "Best In Sim Crash" event.
Did you know that we would not have OpenSim (OS) if not for a computer crash? The precursor to OS, Second Life (SL), was directly inspired by the cyberpunk classic Snow Crash. The name of the novel, says the author Neal Stephenson, was based on what he saw on the screen during a particular software failure mode on his Macintosh computer. "When the computer crashed and wrote gibberish into the bitmap, the result was something that looked vaguely like static on a broken television set—a 'snow crash.'"

In an unknowing homage to the very origins of the Metaverse, SL club hosts would encourage participants to invite their friends to an event, saying "let's crash this sim!" It is entirely fitting, then, to hold an event intentionally and unironically dedicated to the crash. Welcome to the "Best In Sim Crash" event. The contestant who comes up with the most creative way to crash the sim will win a lifetime supply of prim penises.

Bad Event Idea Inc.: Bringing bad event ideas to OS since 1897.
Bad Event Idea #130: Best in Comfort Pillow Marriage Ceremony
It's simple. Bring your comfort pillow. Marry it. Public honeymoon optional. Hentai cuckhold porn comfort pillow honeymoon? Instant winner!
Bad Event Ideas
Many of the "Best Of" events in SL had the most ridiculous themes, made all the more funny by the event hosts not realizing the themes sucked. So, here are event themes that suck, but in purpose. These "Best Of" events are all Bad Event Ideas. Post your own.
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Jamie Wright 20 days ago
Did this happen somewhere recently?
Nico Kalani 6 months ago
You stole my idea! I was going to call it Best in Alts. I like your shocking reveal idea! And the picture is perfect. Thanks for posting.