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Does anyone know what happened to the grid?

It has been down for a week now. Okay, you may say, grids shut down, this just happens. But they usually announce their shutdown. Grids that shut down without an announcement are usually shoddy grids run by amateur hacks on old Windows laptops. was a fantastic grid run by people who knew what they were doing, not to mention with help by none less than Fred Beckhusen. Besides, they had just published a new issue of the Virtual-HG magazine, they had just upgraded Bastion (, and they still had plans for the future.

Not only that, but I haven't seen a single sign of life from anyone behind it, much less an explanation as to why is down and whether it'll return. Marianna ( used to be here daily, but her last post was eight days ago.

Their website ( is still up, but the last post is from August 28th.