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I believe, in my opinion, that "war" is founded on envy of the success of a AVITRON... who took advantage of the greed of a grid (Sacrarium) to attract users to their grid, and on the selfishness of some copiers who claim as their own the creations of SecondLife creators, who are not involved in this fight. If you learned to copy and upload your copies, you have 3 options ... 1) you share it with friends ... 2) you share it with the entire Opensim community ... or 3) You don't share it with anyone, only for your personal use . But copiers claim to receive recognition as "Gods" just for knowing how to use a copybot very well. Sacrarium is a good grid, but...IS PART of is beyond than Sacrarium. You want Sacrarium copys ?...make a Avitron dont want Sacrarium copys ?...stay quiet in your grid. Its easy. Just...respect the other users and make your own life.