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Carima, an Medival Fantasy Roleplay once foundet at SL by Linde Kronfeld. Rised there from an half-sim up to 9 Islands and was well known there. Due to the rai...
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NEW: Now at "Anettes-Welt" Home of "Callas" the famous ballroom of Carima, open for everyone 24h / 7d. Spend some time in an romantic ambiance. Heimat von "...

Fairy Land
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We have lots of magical fairys and magical unicorns, pegasus and lots of magical everything here for you to relax and enjoy. Come on over and visit us! We would love to have you! Friends old and new!

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Shopping Center, Freebies, free shops for Creaters
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Teleportcenter of the Grid Anettes Welt
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Shopping Center and Shops for Creators (free).
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Free Shops for Creaters, with Rental system
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Many Textures Mall 2
The Lost Gardens of Apollo
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some may remember: "The Lost Gardens of Apollo" once have been an well known place at SL, build there by Dane Zander. Online 2005 till 2011. Now almost perfect ...
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Many Textures Mall
Garten Center
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Flower, Tree, Palm, Underwater and more
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