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Forrest and pre-industrial village. Everything free to copy. Crafts, weapons, tools, ironmongery, pottery, tombstones, furniture, kitchen appliances, food, deco...
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Fai'lte is the Gaelic word for welcome, and everyone who is friendly, polite and humane is welcome here. Fai'lte is the entrance to the Caledonia Grid, a wor...

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My new sim is now open to the public A bit of everything: Clothing textures for mesh appliers and legacy avatars, some freebie clothes All free and original. I am constantly working on this sim, there is only one store open for now.

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Coopersville is a community in Kitely that's created with love and for your enjoyment with the purpose of building community in Kitely and to provide a place fo...
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Land Ho
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A Native American territory (Choctaw Tribe) with canoes, horses, Teepees and sacred Pow Wow circle. On the corner of the region you may find a Fairy or two, go...
Ultima Thule
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Barbaren Wald
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Celts, Germans and the Droids
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Our GRID is a education GRID focus in Classics. Reconstruction of the German Villa Borg and more. We are still under construction but - all are welcome who love...
Ancient Rome
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A historic & ancient place where a lot happened. Beautifully done. Explore and learn the history of ROME.
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Reconstruction of the Roman Arbeia Fort in New Castle upon Tyne
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