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Fai'lte, the Gaelic word for welcome, and everyone who appears friendly, polite and humane is welcome here. Fai'lte is the entrance to the Caledonia Grid, a ...
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Forrest and pre-industrial village. Everything free to copy. Crafts, weapons, tools, ironmongery, pottery, tombstones, furniture, kitchen appliances, food, deco...

Mariner's Bay
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Anyone welcome to come live and boat here. Now in Neverworld Grid ++Residential++ fully developed boating and living region. FREE massive parcels. 8000 prims. yesh. NEW!! 8x8 sailing region with impossibly MEGA sized parcels for free. 1/2 region sized or larger some islands too, did we say F...

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Coopersville is an historical community in Kitely that's created with love and for your enjoyment with the purpose of building community and provide a place for...
Forgotten world
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It is impossible to understand me I live in the graveyard of civilizations. Here are born and died almost all of ancient civilizations. Here in the land has ...
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The name of the region is KITSILANO ! Wigan Pier at Kitsilano is a cross between Northern England and the West Coast of Canada
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Visit the ancient desert city of Timbuktu with its clay houses, the University with the famous library, a nearby oasis and a Tuareg camp. Dance alone, with fri...
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A mythical desert land, loosely set in the Arabic world circa 1900. Named Orphalese for Khalil Gibran's city in The Prophet. This is completely made-up. Geogra...
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The land of " GONE WITH THE WIND" Like the Movie, ...A full region AnteBellum In 1860 , Georgia ... Romantic, funny, where you will dance and chating, explorin...
9-11 Memorial
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Continual tribute to the attacks on the World Trade Center in NYC on 9-11-01 since 2010. Modeled after the 9-11 Memorial and Museum in NYC.
Armstrong Museum
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Welcome to the Armstrong Air and Space Museum on Littlefield, showcasing mans history in air and space travel from the early days to today, as well as in scienc...
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