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(c)YaKa-Club International(R)
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- Real Association Create in Secondlife.Since2007 with Real Duplex Real Dj since2008. - Association loi 1901. N: W423006144(R) Struggles for: Sidaction. Cyst...
*VB* Insel
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*VB* Insel

Tropicana Sandbox
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Notice to all builders and community spirited individuals! Tropicana has grown. We have progressed from just a single region a few months back to a collection of regions, all inter connected with a common purpose and goal. This shared co-operative needs new input. We need builders, greeters, DJ's...

2Lei in Virtual Worlds
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The sim is dedicated to the 2Lei project, which will take place in Second Life and Opensim from 5 to 27 November 2021. Thursday 25 November: International Day ...
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Research and design for digital art spaces. Run by Digital kittens AB. Welcome
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The Ultimate SIM for 3D icons, signs & neon signs and related. Here comes the SIM I could rez all my stuffs I`ve collected through the grids and built myself o...
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3DLES Education in Virtual Worlds. This is the demo region on OSgrid, from here you can visit several other educational regions on grids around the world. More ...
3DLES Education
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3DLES Education in Virtual worlds. This is a DEMONSTRATION grid for promoting education in virtual worlds. This region is the place where all visitors first arr...
3RG Amusement Park
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Situated on a 3x3 Var region, Lazy River Amusement Park has so much to see and do with 23 thrilling rides and a game pavilion housing 30 table games. One could ...
3RG Blues Raceway
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Fun filled time motorcycle,car,dragster,speedboat and jetski racing along with a couple of tour rides balloon ride to tour the region by air a bubble boat ride ...
9-11 Memorial
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Continual tribute to the attacks on the World Trade Center in NYC on 9-11-01 since 2010. Modeled after the 9-11 Memorial and Museum in NYC.
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