Furniture Village
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A region with a new mall full of new furniture using the pmac engine to save script lag.
Shopping Mall
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a general shopping mall created by residents of fire and ice for everyone

Eden Travels
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Honey's Fun Creations Shopping Mall.... tobacco, Party Time, homes, birthdays, hula hoops, balloons, birthdays...weddings, jewels, bathrooms, showers, bath, kitchen, fun furniture, office, meeting room, dining rooms, planters, houses, tree houses, fun homes, living rooms, balloons, flowers, plants,...

Welcome - Fire And Ice Grid
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Full Regions £2(2k prims) to £8(45k prims). Any region size available at this price. Globit and voice-enabled. It's your life, live it! https://fireandicegri...
Events - Fire And Ice Grid
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Events Region for the Fire And Ice Grid. - Next Event is our valentines dance and date night. Come in your best and dance. Or take a wander around the funfair ...
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A medieval themed sim where anyone can enjoy a visit, role play and dwell. You can rez your own animations if you like. Please be considerate of other visitor...
Norse Adventure
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The Norse adventure is a fresh Open Sim experience. Which bit do I tell you about first? Should I treat this as a marvellous example of Open Sims capabilities, ...
Snow Moon
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A Winter wonderland with more than a touch of christmas