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A nouveau ouvert, bienvenue à tous ! Deux galeries d'art dans un joli environnement Open again, welcome to you ! Two art galleries in a nice environment
Accueil Francogrid
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FrancoGrid évolue de jour en jour grâce à ses nombreux passionnés et participants. Vous aussi, contribuez à l’aventure, soyez les pionniers d’un monde libre et ...

Better World
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Autumn is probably the most charming and mysterious season marked by special colors. Poets and artists of different generations dedicated their inspired poems and paintings to autumn, helping to uncover this time of year, in all its magnificent colors. This is a time for artists and photographers wh...

Cherry Freebies
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Free creations from Cherry Manga *Artworks from 2008 to 2017 *Complete avatars, accessories, clothing, tattoos, bento viewer 5.0 *Building tools and furnit...
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Cityscape assemblage inspired by masterpieces such as Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Akira... Work in progress.
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Avatar's region , its history through an exhibition, the FEST'AVI festival area of FrancoGrid. You may find there full permissions avatars issued from each Fe...
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Immersive surreal world, with past and present works from Cherry Manga.
FestAvi La Finale
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Fest'Avi La Finale show of avatars given full perms under creative commons rights. [Fest'Avi 2018] La Finale
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Free to copy imported models of famous artworks!
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Only Love Matters
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Down the rabbit hole.....
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