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Home of Tuscany Mall, Al Dente' Italian Resataurant, Alternate Metaverse Art Gallery & Visualizations Club. Based on Tuscany village on the Italian Countryside ...
Land By The Luminous Sea
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These , my home regions, are open to visitors. as are all of Neverworld Grid destinations. You will find, my home, Williams Memorial Gardens, furnished hous...

AMV Welcome
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Alternate Metaverse, A warm friendly Adult grid with Sailable Open Waters & Air, Copy & Save your own OAR from website, Self Restarts & Rollbacks, Low cost land packages, Regional God powers, Super fast Land Creation & Customer Service, Several Large and reliable servers Sinc 2019, FREE HOMESTEADS, ...

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Accueil Perfect-life, Grille Québécoise sur les mondes de Stargate. Village médiéval chrétien. Ce monde densément boisé abrite un peuple chrétien, probablement ...
Nautilus Aotearoa
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Kia ora kōrua ~ The best inworld life you can have. We have created happy RL memories on Aotearoa ( Long White Cloud) New Zealand has so much beauty I wanted ...
Bumbunga Farm
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Welcome to Bumbungà Farm.. a large agricultural region created especially for the CosmoPlanetNew Community.. Everyone is welcome! The concept is based on Satyr ...
Little Haven 1
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Small island, coastal New England. Beach, lighthouse, farm, salt marsh, waterfall, village, walking trails. Everyone is welcome!
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Littlefield's Outdoor meeting Venue. Location of the monthly State of the Grid meetings.
Vela Willkommen
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AMV Town Hall
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AMV Town Hall - Home Of The NEW Town Hall, Chapel Of Love, AMV Staff Offices, Alternate Metaverse Cafe', Flux Multipurpose Expo Center
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