I LOve YOu
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The "I Love You" estates comprises of I Love You 1 (Events and Residents Housing), I Love You 2 (Guests and Residents Housing) and I Love You 3 ( Nudist Beach ...
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Arkham City
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Arkham Grid Choose the best #ao #dance #animation #bento Bakes On Mesh #meshbodys #heads

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My 2X2 region on Discovery grid. I have my home here, and a Satyr Farm with Quintonia farm items. Still a work in progress; visitors are welcome. I enjoy meetin...
I LOve YOu 2
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I Love You Housing - Private Housing Available on sea front parcels. 100% NO CHILD AVATARS - and we mean 100%!!!!
Hermit Reality Land
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Welcome to Hermit Reality Land We are nice to those who deserve it. False moralists and other DMCA drama quins, kings will be packed and returned. No a...
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ITALIAN LAND Benvenuti in ITALIA economy module Gloebit Active
El Lago
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Nude Sex Paradise
Teddy's Home Island
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My place to get away from it all
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VirtualDream Accueil
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Accueil et Partage ,nous proposons d'aider et d'aiguiller les francophones à débuter sur Opensim .
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