Discovery City
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Discovery Grid: Established July 2016. Comprised of VAR regions, 2x2, 4x4 & 8x8. Over 445 MILLION sq meters of Grid Sponsored Oceans. Every VAR faces an Ocean...
Village of The Sun
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Sunset village, a cozy place, mountain climate, beach, resort, mystical with the good energies to meditate. A small farm, waterfalls. An island waiting for visi...

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The SIM for the OpenSIM Greedy Tables Choose among 52 FREE and FULL PERM mesh models of Greedy game tables, or just grab the box with the whole collection. key: greedy game dice dices play table board controller players

Alarialand Welcome Center
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Alarialand...What more can we say?
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Aruba Meadow Acres is a wonderful calm atmosphere in a scenic view of mountains and streams flowing into the ocean. Aruba has free housing ans parcels 1000 prim...
GridLife Bikini
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Tropical beach naked is allowed (adult sim) Bikini the most beautiful place in the tropics. Come dressed or naked. ✔Currency enabled ✔Voice Enabled ...
0 Users 85 18 242nd
Tropical island with nude beach, surfer spot, romantic spots, and the Nakid Club. [Under construction] Open to all genders, all styles, all specimen, as lon...
VirtualDream Accueil
0 Users 41 6 38th
Accueil et Partage ,nous proposons d'aider et d'aiguiller les francophones à débuter sur Opensim .
0 Users 37 10 209th
Ruritania is a beautiful place. So Beautiful. It's bigly. So big in fact it could be the biglyest wonderful region in all of the Hyper grid. Everyone says so. T...
Cala Corta
0 Users 35 1 189th
The Moore's have searched the lands of the hyper grid to source only the finest components to create the vision of their stunning beach town, Cala Corta. Featur...
Accueil Francogrid old
0 Users 33 11 515th
FrancoGrid évolue de jour en jour grâce à ses nombreux passionnés et participants. Vous aussi, contribuez à l’aventure, soyez les pionniers d’un monde libre et ...
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