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Metaverse University of DigiWorldz provides virtual world education to users around the globe. Learn building, texturing, scripting, region management, real-lif...
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Mundo submarino para el aprendizaje de los problemas del Mediterraneo

Moonrose Shopping
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A Small Shopping Mall with selected items,and more to come

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Home of New Life Christian Center
Grand Canyon Nature Sim
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16 region nature meshes stacked up as high as 10000 meters. It can be a slow load, patience and good company a necessity but worth the wait if one likes beauty...
Flat Earth
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This is an Osgrid connected region running on my Server. All of the real life experiences that are not through fish-eye lenses and not from NASA show that the ...
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Arrival and teaching area for new users. I have put links to this site to give you an idea of what OpenSim is before you travel the hypergrid. Zona de llegada ...
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Para contar cuentos, donde los malos no eran tan malos, ni los buenos tan buenos To tell stories, where the bad guys were not so bad, and the good guys not so ...
Celestial Japan
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An Edo Period village dating from 1600's to 1856 A.D. Self-guided walking tours with map and notecards. Or take a tour from the village square on a small paddle...
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Visit the exhibition of human megalomania. :-)
Signature Safety LLC
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Welcome to the Kitely virtual world of Signature Safety,LLC. Signature Safety is a full-service environmental, health and safety (EHS) consulting firm with o...
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