New Mexico
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Part of the Native American Indian library "living history," set in the 1800's South West USA. The terrain theme hints at the New Mexican 4 corners region with...
OSCC Keynote 1
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This region is part of the Keynote Regions for the OpenSimulator Community Conference. The OpenSimulator Community Conference is an annual conference that fo...

The Pool
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Live cameras rolling! Like BIG BROTHER. Come meet people, bring friends, sit around the pool talking about other people, gossip and bad relationships! While the world is watching! Videos will be also placed on youtube! Cameras may also roll other days without warning! You never know!

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Space Force region, public sandbox, lunar terrain. Hosting Blender for Beginners classes.
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Arts, Education, Residential, Newbie Friendly, The Verse, The 'Verse
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3DLES Education in Virtual Worlds. This is the demo region on OSgrid, from here you can visit several other educational regions on grids around the world. More ...
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3DLES created this English language village for students to have English conversations in a real English village.
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EasterHome is home base for the Easterwood clan, a motley group of friends and family with varying levels of technological ability. We are small but full of su...
Multiverse Masters
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Multiverse Masters, is an evolving adventure-based world for education. I try to remember to make free items I find lying about able to be copied when permitted...
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3DLES created this French village for students to practice the French language. They can have conversations with eachother in a genuine Burgundy village.
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Welcome to the Science Circle grid. For more information about this grid and the Science Circle Foundation visit
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