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Harbor Marketplace - 2World City Free Stores Lease for Ventor's who like to sell there Items for the Gloebit currency.
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TIPOE Designs Gloebit Mall Shoes, Hair Clothing,Jewelery

Freebie Store 2020
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MASSIVE FREEBIE STORE Free items from AviWorlds grid that is a collection of items from around the hypergrid.. Come Shop today!!!

Sin City
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In virtualife you can rent your region without having an account in our grid. So no loss of inventory, you can use all your objects in your avatar. All regi...
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This is an education centre for cryptocurrency with mesh models of some famous Landmarks including the statue of Liberty, Nelsons Column and Tower Bridge.
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Welcome to HD Skin World! You become Skins, Mesh Head, Mesh Clothing, Mesh Buildings and OARS for sell. You pay with paypal and become the Items in your Invent...
MG Capital
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MG Capital - The Social Center Community region and home for Moonlighting Grid
Space Station
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DreamScape estore, thanks to Melanie, we have Female and Male outfits also mesh and / or Bento body's and heads, cars and more just come and look and...
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Rent a region without creating an account in virtualife. Use your avatar with all your inventory. monthly price $ 9 single region with 20,000 prims u can pay...
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We have made it our mission to offer you high quality mesh products. All our products are selected and made according to historical models. The textures can var...
Meadow View
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Home to Ferraris Fashions Mens and Ladies fashions. Mesh and System clothing. Also Green Shores Garden Centre Uses Gloebits currency on this Hypergrid region
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