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Recently I have been contemplating the current issues facing the world and the terrible Burdens that so many are carrying. It made me think on my favourite character in Lord of the Rings, Samwise Gamgee. A humble hobbit with a heart to serve those he cared most about. A heart brave enough to follow his friend into what could be considered hell. Sam had made a promise to Gandalf that he would not lose Frodo and he intended to keep to that. The image above is what i have been contemplating for todays world, that Sam could not carry Frodo's burden of the ring but he could carry Frodo. How can this scene apply to us? What can we do? In what way can we respond to the burdens of the world.

There are so many burdens and we cant possibly carry them all or we will break. I feel the answer to this question is to "Pick a burden today that we feel we can help another carry!" It can be a small burden or deed that you choose but help someone carry it. Come alongside someone who is in need, spend time chatting to someone who is lonely, donate to a cause you feel for. We can also do things for others in world, help someone with a project, say something nice about their builds, be excited for what they have created. Also reach out to someone whom you have a grievance with and take responsibility for your part in it. Connect with those outside your social circle, get out of our echo chambers and listen to what others have got to say. We cant control what others do but we can sure as heck control ourselves and our responses to others.